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Misery Mystery is about Makuta Miserix's records in an alternate universe, where Teridax didnt't rebeled against Miserix.

Chapter I[]

20,000 years ago......

A mob of protocairn ran by, sweeping every sign of civilization. Makuta Miserix watched silently, near him was Vamprah, the perfect man for stalking. This was the island of Sylam, a place filled with dense jungle growth, home of many Rahi, and very sentient species inhabitants. Recently, the fire-breathing protocairn swarm’s visit made things a little messy. Three Makuta, Kojol, Vamprah and Miserix himself was assigned to prevent the protocairn from doing too much harm to the island, despite they have already torn half of the islands machinery into protodermis scraps. There’s little hope that the island will be as much as it can be populated as it used to be. Kojol is working on gathering the island’s inhabitants, while Miserix and Vamprah stalks the protocairn and inform Kojol their location, and strike them at the right moment. So far, the plan isn’t successful.

Everybody knows that protocairn die at the moment they’ve finished their job. But the island of Sylam was big, way too big for the protocairn to finish it off within a few days. So far, the Rahi have been roaming free the western part of the island. But eventually, they grew bored, and started to advance. The central part of the island is crowded with protocairn, the Matoran colonies even consider this a war.

Vamprah started to activate his mask power. The nearest protocairn then started to shiver, it shrieked and its strength decreased rapidly. A few seconds later, a mighty Rahi crumbled to the ground, stunned by overwhelming hunger. The other Rahi watched with horrid, their eyes widened. As soon as the second Rahi started to gasp, the once mighty band of protocairn scattered like leaves in the wind, disappearing with amazing speed.

Miserix watched uncomfortably as Vamprah smiled. In Miserix’s opinion, Vamprah is the vilest Makuta in the organization. Whatever lives, he stalks. Whatever that is not as powerful as he is, he hunts. And that means roughly everything in the universe. He’s definitely a perfect hunter, but he’ll never be a perfect colleague.

The two Makuta were in hoto bug forms. The protocairn was never so bright, that they hardly even noticed someone is against them, not to mention hoto bugs. The Makuta had already organized a plan which includes a massacre on the protocairn, but never had a chance. Miserix dismissed the plan a few hours ago, noting that the Rahi will die by themselves. The plan was then changed into stalking them and protecting the Matoran simply, and wait for them to die on their own. But the question is:

“Will there be anything left on this pitiful island after this?”