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Mask of Power Duplication
The true form of the Kanohi Mimica
Can duplicate any power it's user has ever witnessed
Component Kanoka
All Legendary disks plus Energized Protodermis

The Kanohi Mimica is the Legendary Mask of Power Duplication and possibly the most powerful Kanohi in existence due to it's unique power.


It has the ability to duplicate any power demonstrated to it's user infinite times, the user can even extend that power to other potential uses. It has many forms that vary among users.


Long before it was created their were legends of it, a mask maker on Nui Metru Nui found a carving of it and made a powerless duplicate unknowing of the shapes true danger, consequently the powerless duplicate was stolen by Hunters Dark Hunters but as soon as they realised that it was fake they threw it away. It was picked up by a Le-Matoran called Darktree and was used by him when his old one broke.

The Mimica was created by the Great Being's for Great Toa Nui who was promptly shown a range of other powers to extend it's abilities.

When he landed it was already being prized by the creature in the form of a Makuta that knew of it's power.

Example usage.[]

Darktree saw a small island come into existance after his Mimica became real and created his own continent useing it's power.

Great Toa Nui saw his canister being built magneticly and was able (to the Great Beings surprise) to recreate an entire Great Spirit useing only the mask and a pile of sand.


  • Great Toa Nui
  • Darktree (was powerless but now holds full power)



The Mimca's true form

108px-Golden Armor Hau

Great Toa Nui's favorite form.