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Pit Prisoner
Laser Vision, Amphibious
Staff, Squid Launcher, teeth, horns, claws
The Pit

Mezahk is a former member of the Hand of Artakha and is currently a prisoner of the Pit.


Mezahk was originally a member of the Hand of Artakha. Once one of the most celebrated warriors in history, he was very fond of the respect he got for saving lives. However, the Hand was disbanded, and replaced by the Toa. Enraged, Mevahk went on a killing spree, killing all Toa he came across. Eventually, he was stopped by a rookie Toa of Magnetism named Jovan. He was the taken to the Pit by Botar for his crimes.

After the Great Cataclysm, Mezahk escaped into the waters along with the rest of the surviving inmates, and while he could have left the Pit due to his amphibious nature, he chose not to, as he recognized that his presence was unwanted anywhere else.

Some time after his escape, Mezahk was recruited as a lieutenant in the undersea empire of a Dark Hunter named Proto-Beast. Centuries later, Mezahk and "Warrior" alerted Proto-Beast to the arrival of a Toa named Hydros. In response, Proto-Beast sent a detachment of Zyglak and Tarakava lead by Warrior to capture him. Later, after Hydros was captured, Mezahk witnessed a heated conversation between Proto-Beast and Hydros. Eventually, Hydros attempted to kill Proto-Beast with his Cordak Blaster. In response, Proto-Beast ordered Mezahk to kill Hydros Matoran friend, Scotho, if he killed Proto-Beast. Before Hydros could make his choice, a Maxilos unit arrived and knocked Proto-Beast's court out, including Mezahk. After recovering, Mezahk and most of Proto-Beast's court were forced to flee. However, they retreated to a weak position, where Hydraxon managed to capture Mezahk and the others apart from Warrior.

Upon entering the Pit, Mezahk attempted to break free, and would of killed Hydraxon had it not been for the actions of Hydraxon's pet Energy Hound, Spinax. He was then imprisoned in one of the Pit's cells, where he currently remains.

Abilites & Traits[]

Mezahk possesses laser vision, and great strength. He is also amphibious and a good swimmer. Before being imprisoned in the Pit, Mezahk was a proud warrior, and enjoyed the praises he received. When the Toa took up the mantle of public defenders, Mezahk developed a deep hatred for them.


Mezahk wields a bladed staff that can generate shockwaves and a Squid Launcher. He also has horns that can release lightning bolts and mandibles which possess a paralyzing venom