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Mevua is a focused Glatorian of the Fire Tribe. His main strategy is to study his opponent and use this new knowledge against them.


Mevua is a Glatorian that serves the Fire Tribe.

When Raanu ordered Malum to be banned from Vulcanus for breaking one of the Glatorain codes, Mevua was one of the Glatorian's who threw him out.

At one point, Mevua (along side with Vorka and Hatru, two veteran Glatorian as well) driven off a group of Vorox's, leaded by the Vorox King himself, Nacrax.

Mevua was also involved at the "Siege of Atero," Mevua helped the Agori's flee the stadium and fought back against a few Skrall's. He then fled from Atero after the Skrall's took over.

He is currently at Vulcanus.

Abilities & Traits[]

Mevua is a wise veteran Glatorian who is proud to be the very warrior that he is. He can be hot-tempered at times, but his wisdom from past battles has taught him severly about how to know your foe, but tries to stay as focus as any Glatorian in an Arena fight and to try and not to lose his guard. He also tries and learn how his opponents fighting styles are performed.


Mevua carries a Fire Sword as his main tool. He also carries a modified Thornax Launcher that an Agori named Yerta made for him centries ago.


  • Mevua will be one of the starring Glatorian in "Quest of Destinies."