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Alpha Being
Shapeshifting, magnetism

Mersny was a prodigious Alpha Being who ruled as Emir of his species before being overthrown and exiled by Vavakx.


Mersny, handpicked by the Great Beings themselves, was designated as the leader of the Alpha Beings, entrusted with the mission of preserving the well-being of the Great Spirit Mata Nui by fostering harmony among the denizens of the Matoran Universe. As a symbol of his authority, the Alpha Spear was specially forged for his use, representing his position of power.

Among the select few Alpha Beings privy to the true origins of their species and the identity of their creator, Hantrek, Mersny became a custodian of this knowledge. To safeguard this secret, both Mersny and the Great Beings propagated the myth of Ohm, a narrative widely accepted as truth among the Alpha Beings.

However, over time, Mersny's heart grew filled with disillusionment. Consumed by a sense of envy, he came to believe that the Alpha Beings were meant to be the chosen race of the Great Spirit, rather than the Matoran. This festering resentment eventually spurred Mersny to propose a drastic plan to exterminate the Matoran and expand his dominion. Appalled by this descent into madness, the other Alpha Beings distanced themselves from Mersny, shunning and rebuking him. Vavakx was selected as his replacement, an act that further fueled Mersny's rage. Enraged and embittered, Mersny engaged Vavakx in combat, but without the Alpha Spear in his possession, he was rendered vulnerable and ultimately defeated.

Following his defeat, the title of Emir was passed on to Vavakx, while Mersny found himself imprisoned in an undisclosed location, forever isolated from the realms he once sought to command.

Old Grievances[]

Surviving the mass migration of the denizens of the Matoran Universe to the newfound world of Spherus Magna, Mersny sought refuge within the Red Star, a colossal celestial body that doubled as a factory of sorts. Utilizing the vast database housed within the station, Mersny embarked on a clandestine endeavor, engineering an army of monstrous beings to serve his purpose.

After years of secret preparations, Mersny set into motion a cataclysmic event. Guiding the Red Star towards the city of Metru Magna, he unleashed his terrifying army upon the unsuspecting metropolis, leaving destruction and chaos in his wake. Mersny's ultimate objective was to locate and exact vengeance upon his former comrade, Vavakx, seeking retribution for the betrayal he once suffered. However, he soon discovered that his target had been whisked away from the city.

Recognizing that provoking Vavakx's return hinged upon giving him a reason to reemerge, Mersny captured Veuy, imprisoning him atop a towering edifice in Metru Magna. Aware that Vavakx would be compelled to rescue his ally, Mersny awaited the fated encounter.

As anticipated, Vavakx arrived to free Veuy and confront Mersny, heralding the commencement of a legendary battle between the two Alpha Beings. Engaging one another with their formidable powers, weapons, and combat expertise, they remained evenly matched throughout the fierce clash. Minutes turned into an eternity as their duel unfolded, each combatant pushing the boundaries of their abilities.

In a climactic moment, Mersny unleashed a devastating magnetic wave, intending to obliterate Veuy. However, Vavakx intercepted the assault, creating a spatial anomaly that encapsulated both combatants. Gradually, the anomaly contracted, consuming everything within its bounds until, finally, both Vavakx and Mersny were consumed by its cataclysmic forces. While Vavakx faced his fate with a resolute demeanor, Mersny met his demise with a mixture of indignation and fear.

Abilities and Traits[]

Mersny, an Alpha Being driven by an unwavering resolve and an insatiable hunger for power, harbored deep-seated resentment stemming from what he perceived as a lack of recognition for the achievements of his kind. Possessing an indomitable will, Mersny displayed unwavering determination in the pursuit of his ambitions. Eschewing finesse and subtlety, he favored a brute force approach, embodying a predisposition towards authoritarianism and militaristic strategies. In his view, the most effective solution to any problem often lay in the application of sheer force.

Similar to his fellow Alpha Beings, Mersny possessed an extraordinary level of control over his physical form, enabling him to shape-shift at will. Additionally, he had mastery over Elemental Magnetism, bestowing upon him the ability to manipulate and command magnetic fields with great proficiency.

Mask and Tools[]

Mersny's wore a Great Mask of Sensory Aptitude, a Kanohi that significantly heightened his senses, granting him heightened awareness and perception. A legendary weapon, the Alpha Spear, served as his personal tool of authority and might. Unbeknownst to Mersny, he had formed a symbiotic bond with the weapon, unknowingly relying upon its power to bolster his own. When separated from the Alpha Spear during his confrontation with Vavakx, Mersny found himself grievously weakened.

Symbolizing his position as the Emir of the Alpha Beings, Mersny's armor was made of protochromium. This armor served as a visual representation of his authority and status, exuding an air of strength and power that befitted his role among the Alpha Beings.