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Meka is a fictional character in the YouTube series "The Empire

He is a cyborg General in the Empire's Grand Army.


When the Emperor took control of the Empire, Meka was one of the few who immediatley tried to retaliate. But, when he led a small force towards the Castle in Galla City, his team was ambushed, and most of his body was destroyed when an explosion went off nearby, which also resulted in the death of all of his team members. Instead of having him (what was left of him) executed, the Emperor offered to rebuild him with Takadine Industries technology, in exchange for eternal loyalty as a General in his Army. Meka, half insane from his injuries, accepted. Now, his front torso, right arm, and most of his legs, are entirely mechanical. After a few years, Meka's insanity began to die away, he realized the horror of what he had done. But when he tried to leave the Army, he learned that when the T.I. Scientists rebuilt him, the Emperor had a machine placed inside his skull, which would kill him if he left the area's that the T.I. scientists programmed into the machine. But, since he is a General in the army, and therefore has to travel to many places, The Emperor constantly has to reprogram the machine whenever he orders Meka to a new area. After thousands of years of forced servitude, Meka became a hollow 

shell, obeying orders, but without any real mind or personalty. Late in the 2nd Season, DragoStudios will reveal that Meka had something to do with Toa Megas's past.

Powers and Abilities[]

Meka doesn't have any real elemental powers, not since the explosion that ruined his life. But afterward, he was formatted with a small array of abilities. Some examples are that his natural fangs can now inject a parralizing venom into an enemy, his twin swords attached to his back can fire like missiles, and three lasers have been attached to the wrist of his mechanical right hand.


  • Meka was created by YouTube member DragoStudios/Dragomatic.
  • Meka fears that one day, The Emperor might force him to kill Megas.
  • Meka was once a Toa, but his element is unknown.
  • Meka openly hates the Emperor and everything the Empire has become. He frequently disobeys his superiors and tries to protect Galla City's residents from the Emperor's wrath.
  • Meka was a political figure before the Fall of the Lord, though his position in the Empire is unknown.