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Mehtraz's Blog is an online story serial that tells of Mehtraz's adventures, written by User:Kardas4.  


Mehtraz opened his eyelids. His vision blurred.

Realising time had changed, he opened his eyes. Standing near to him were two tall figures and a Turaga, obviously a being of plant life. He was green and teal. 

Mehtraz began to recall how this had happened. Yes, he thought. That's right.

He was standing atop a silver creature. A kahaka dragon, its body lumbering across a plateau. Suddenly, a great rip in time and space had yawned open before him, and he had felt himself falling. On, and on ... and on, for what seemed like - days? Weeks? Even months? Mehtraz had lost track of time by then. And then, he had somehow wound up ... here.

The scarlet figure on the left nodded to his companion. "Welcome, my friend. I am Xardan, and this is Kylakk."

The Turaga of plant life tapped his noble badge of office. "My name is Rotakus." 

Chapter One - The Mask []

Rotakus - the plant life Turaga - had led Mehtraz into a room made of red, metallic Protodermis, and on a dais in the centre of the room, lay a badly damaged Kanohi mask, battered and twisted. Its sides were clearly eroded, as they looked eaten away.

Rotakus closed his eyes, then appeared to be straining very hard. Tiny cracks in his armour began to appear, and a single tear came from his left eye.

Suddenly, a vine materialized nearby the mask, and wrapped around the damaged Kanohi, squeezing it tight. Just then, a dome of pure green light envoloped the thorny vine and the mask together. The vine began to glow and pulse.

As the green dome gradually disappeared, the vine had gone, and the mask looked not eroded, rusted or broken in any way. And with that, Rotakus collapsed in a heap, then blacked out.

Chapter Two -  []

Mehtraz stood beside his fallen companion, Turaga Rotakus.

Rotakus had recently fell unconsious from a strange plant life movement he had used on a broken Kanohi.

"I have used alot ... of my ... elemental pow ... power of ... of ... The Green ..." Rotakus stammered. "... A ... a very large ... large ... amount, to ... to repair this ... broken mask."

He was beginning to recover now.

"We ... once, when ... I was still a Toa, and ... and I was given a quest to recover a artifact ... the Kanohi ... I met Toa Kylakk, who introduced me ... to ... to Xardan, a member ... of a species who was hunted nearly to extinction, by ... a race of ruthless warriors called Seka. My master - Energax, had sent me on a quest to recover the mask. It was called the Kanohi Spherum."