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Meer is a fictional character in the YouTube series "The Empire" (created by DragoStudios/Dragomatic). He plays the role of an angry mercenary, forced into a group of mercenaries.

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"Back off

Get away!

Meer was once a Skrall warrior in the Empire's Grand Army. After he nearly got killed for arguing with his superior officer, specifically, Antroz. When he barely survived his punishment (two hundred lashes in front of fellow warriors), he decided it was time to leave. But before he could escape, his entire group was sent to an area in the Between Lands to destroy a Rebel camp. When his team arrived, the Rebel soldiers proved to be more powerful than the skrall, despite the fact that the Skrall had the element of surprise. During the chaos and confusion, Meer slipped away, sliting a fellow Skrall's throat so as to steal his swords. For years, Meer was a soldier for hire, until he came upon a Spinaxian named Quexus. Quexus said to Meer "If you kill a Spinaxian named Tor, in the Between Lands, then I'll pay you over 200,000 widgets!" Naturally, Meer accepted and went after Tor. What he didn't know was that Tor was traveling with a young mercenary named Teeran. After stalking them for several days, Meer finally attacked, surprising the two travelers. Because he surprised them, he actually seemed to be winning the battle, but then Teeran's Zesk friend/brother Deras came back from hunting for food, and the



three (Deras, Tor, and Teeran) overpowered Meer, but instead of killing him, Tor offered him the chance to join them and form a Trio of mercenaries (Deras was not a mercenary, just Teeran's companion) or die. Of course, Meer accepted and joined them.

Tools and Abilities[]

Meer has a black and red sword attached to each of his wrists, wich can swing out whenever Meer needs them.


  • Meer was created by YouTube member DragoStudios/Dragomatic.
  • Meer openly hates Tor and Teeran and wishes them both a painful death.
  • Meer secretly works for the Empire, spying on Teeran for the Makuta.