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The Medrek are a race of biomechanical creatures, created by the Great Beings to maintain geographical and biological stability. As such, they all have a device built into their forearms that allow them to modify the enviroment.


The Medrek were, as stated, built to maintain the geogrpahical structures and to make sure that the Rahi don't run rampant in the Universe Robot. However, like what happened to the Vortixx, they all malfunctioned after a Skadi group attacked a Medrek Hive Mind hub. They gained sentience and self-awarness. They were shunned by matoran, and so they quickly colonized a remote island, which they called De Nui. They colonized the eastern half of the islkand with massive cities, comparable to Metru Nui. However, the Skakdi have also set up a camp on the western half of De Nui. They periodically attack the most isolated province, Charya. However, the Medrek worship the Skakdi as Gods and "Creators","Intelligence bringers", and "Glorious Inquisitors".

Lately the cities on De Nui have been destroyed by a single Skakdi named Nidaurus.


Medrek are biomechanical, like most BIONICLE beings. They all wear black, grey, and silver armor. They have completely organic faces, though they are usually obscured by a blast shield built into their sloped head. The blast shield is rarely raised. They are slightly taller than matoran, but possess slightly lower strength. They have single jointed appendages, a short neck, and long limbs. They all have a devic, the Inperator, built into their forearms, which allows them to modify the geography of most lands. The more Medrek that concentrate on doing something via the Imperator, the faster and more efficient it get done. They are of varied genders.

Known Medrek[]

  • Texula (the star of a soon-to-be posted blog, Repurcussions.)
  • Keziki, Texula's best friend. Killed by Nidaurus.


  • The Medrek were designed by William Gomez.
  • They were originially going to be vicious insectoids with the natural ability to morph the landscape.
  • They cannot use a Kanohi Mask.
  • They do not produce weapons, as they have never been in a war. Texula is the only known Medrek wiith fighting experience.