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Shtuph 037
Trakavan police department
Officer of law
powerless Zatth
standard issue semi-automatic shotgun (formerly), shortsword (formerly), bow staff (formerly)
Voya Nui

Medon was a le-matoran that originally lived on the island of Trakavan.


Medon began his life living peacfully on the island of Trakavan. He was enlisted as a police officer in the air sector of Trakavan.

One day Medon and his partner, Roxtann were given orders by Trakavan himself to capture Rannok and place him on a prison ship leaving for Karzahni. Medon invaded Rannok's home and killed one of his dogs. In a fit of rage, Rannok cut Medon through the cheek, leaving him scarred. Rannok stole Medon's firearm and shot his partner in the lower leg. Medon tackled Rannok and put him under arrest. Medon held Rannok outside and ordered Roxtann to kill the remainder of Rannok's energy hounds.

Years later, Trakavan, dubbed "conjurer", was put into a coma. Island in chaos, Medon left on an abandoned vessel. With no real destinaton, Medon sailed for days until he reached the newly formed Voya Nui. There he lived in a cave, hidden from the strange creatures on the island. One year later an earthquake caused a cave-in and Medon was trapped. The earthquake was caused by the breaking of the chord. The island sank and Medon was drowned.

Abilities and Traits[]

Being a matoran, Medon only had a small amount of elemental air power, giving him hightened agility.

Unlike most le-matoran, Medon didn't like jokes, he was very down-to-earth and serious. This caused many le-matoran to dislike him, as he would penelize them when he caught them pulling pranks.

Strength: 7
Agility: 10
Toughness: 5
Mind: 8

Masks and Tools[]

Medon wore a powerless Zatth, mask of rahi controll, because he lacked the mental ability to use a noble or great version.

Medon, being an officer of law, was equipped with a standard issue semi-automatic shotgun and shortsword. When he was forced to leave his home island top Voya Nui, he lost his police tools. On Voya Nui, he carried a wooden bow staff for protection.