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Mazihu game
Availablitiy Available for Download
Platform Computer
Controls Key board

Mazihu Game is a mini game made by Toatapio Nuva. It features one of his littlesister's own made characters, Mazihu. The game was released in 2009. The objective of the game is to defend the food tower at the center by driving the hungry creatures away. This can be done simply by touching them. The player has to run all around the screen in order to do this. The longer the player can do this, the more points will he/she gets.

There are 4 kinds of enemies. Keras crabs walk slowly towards the tower and are easy to repel. The little insects are a bit faster and come in sheer numbers and set a challenge because of this. Maniacs appear rarely, but are fast. Nui-Rama can't be repelled, but they are not interested in the food anyway. You must make sure you wont touch them, however.


Arrow keys - Move

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