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Mazeka Profile
Spherus Magna

Mazeka was a Ko-Matoran and a honorary member of the Order of Mata Nui.


Early Life[]

Mazeka hailed from the Tren Krom Peninsula, where he worked as a scholar. The Ko-Matoran's life forever changed and gained a new purpose when a Ta-Matoran named Vultraz murdered his mentor and his whole village for research and a rare gem. Enraged by the Matoran's crime, Mazeka ended up spending the majority of his life hunting down Vultraz.

Eventually, Mazeka confronted his archenemy and believed to have killed him by sending him plummeting to his death. Unknown to him, however, Vultaz was saved at the last second by a disguised Makuta Gorast. Mazeka returned to his village, where he relayed the news of Vultraz's presumed death.

Order of Mata Nui[]

The news of Mazeka's confrontation with Vultraz reached the Order of Mata Nui, who recruited the Ko-Matoran to prevent any incidents like Vultraz from occuring. Mazeka's first mission was to seek out a Matoran of Sonics named Krakua.

At the De-Matoran village, Mazeka found it under attack from a mysterious being. The Ko-Matoran managed to extract Krakua with the help of Order agent Jerbraz but ended up being at the mercy of the attacker who revealed himself as a very alive Vultraz, albeit in a new form. Vultraz let Mazeka live. Despite surviving the encounter, Mazeka felt humiliated by Vultraz deciding to not kill him despite having the opportunity and demanded proper training from the Order.

Mazeka eventually tracked Vultraz to Stelt, where he interrogated a rogue Nynrah Ghost on the whereabouts of his nemesis. Mazeka learned that the Ta-Matoran was heading to Karda Nui. However, the Order refused to give information on Karda Nui, so the Ko-Matoran infiltrated Daxia to confront Helryx herself. He was met with Tobduk, who promised an answer to Mazeka's questions if the Ko-Matoran helped him with a mission on Destral. Succeeding the mission, he traveled to Karda Nui on his Swamp Strider.

Mazeka once again encountered Vultraz. Their conflict was soon interrupted by a portal opening up and sending the two into the Melding Universe.


Mazeka piloting the Swamp Strider

He eventually escaped from The Melding Universe and got imprisoned by Ceasame in the Makuta Jail. Mazeka later escaped from the Makuta Jail using a Midak Skyblaster he found in his cell.


  • Mazeka had a Swamp Strider during his Mission at Swamps of secret
  • After the Makuta destroyed the swamp strider, Mazeka and some Onu-Matoran built a K3-Glider for him.


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