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Mayak (Ihu)
Clockwork King
Transformation, Flight, Floortilting, Telepathy
Great Olmak

Mayak is an ancient being created by the Great Beings.


Mayak was created as a protector of the Agori in a time long before the Great Beings had begun extending Spherus Magna's populace's lifespans. Mayak also ended up training the six Element Lords in use of their powers, and offered to train the Element Lord of Shadow.

Eventually, the Great Beings allowed Mayak to travel free, so he created his own pocket dimension. Here he has resided for many, many years, training warriors in secret, and punishing defeated villains.

80,000 years ago, Mayak was about to stop the League of Six Kingdoms, when the Brotherhood of Makuta intervened. He allowed them to complete the task, and then looked for another evil to defeat. Finding that the universe had found ways to defeat evil without him, Mayak felt useless. He made a great throne in his fortress, and hibernated until the Battle of Bara Magna, after which he joined the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe in returning to the surface of Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits[]

Mayak was given a wide array of powers by the Great Beings. He has been seen to be capable of manifesting huge wings in order to fly, the ability to read minds and project his own thoughts, to alter gravity in order to pull objects to a wall or the ceiling rather than the ground, and has incredible transformative powers that he can use on himself and other beings. He is believed to have many other powers, but he has not yet displayed them. Legend has it that he can control the six elements as well.

Mask and Tools[]

Mayak wears a Kanohi Olmak, the Great Mask of Dimensional Gates, but it is shaped like a Matatu. He never carried tools as, with his level of power, weapons were unnecessary. He believed they would slow him down.


  • Mayak comes from the word 'Mayan', the name of an ancient civilization.