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"Many Rahi are much wiser than we Tohunga. Therefore we shouldn't underestimate their intelligence, but learn from them."
Rahi herder
Inactive fire and water

Matusa is a Tohunga Rahi herder.


Matusa once lived in a village on Mabauto, but when Bio-Land broke off the continent, Matusa was one of those who were stuck on Bio-Land. She helped the other Tohunga in the construction of the new Tohunga Village and became a Herder of Rahi.

Over years, Matusa became very good at her work and attached to her Rahi.

Matusa helped fighting off the Fire Matoran in the First Battle for Tohunga Village and against the Lerahk clones in the War of the Clones, which they lost, however. Matusa was held imprisoned with the rest of the Tohunga until the Spiders of Doom ended the war. They didn't bring peace, however, but mutated all the Tohunga, including Matusa, into a beast.

Matusa was turned back into normal when Tapio used the Mask of Reality. She then continued working until she was forced to go into the Tohunga Shelter with the other Tohunga because of the Piraka. When the danger was over, Aino got the Tohunga out of the shelter.

When the Tohunga fought in the Battle of Henkka Island, Matusa used her knowledge about Rahi to fight the infected Rahi with a few other Tohunga helping her. She then returned to the village with the other Tohunga and continued her job.

Matusa and the other Tohunga were teleported to the Firehead's Fortress in Quest for the Four Great Lands, but were rescued later.

During the War Against the Spiders of Doom later, Matusa became very worried about the safety of her Rahi and hid them away, trying to protect them. The Tohunga lost against the spiders and were taken captive again. The Rising freed them from the spiders but also took them to a new, more dangerous life.

Later some Matoran came to the Tohunga Village to tell them about Aino's vision. They were to go to the Kowa Mountains, only place where they would be safe from Teridax. Matusa packed her things, took her Rahi and moved to the Kowa Mountains with the other Tohunga, where she currently resides.

Abilities and Traits[]

Matusa isn't very social and spends most of her time with her animals. She loves all kinds of Rahi because of the many years she has spent with them and cares about her Rahi's safety more than her own.

Mask and Tools[]

Matusa has a powerless Noble Komau.

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