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Matus Nui Guard
Current: Jegra Vahk
Most Toa, Matoran
Makuta, Toa Merok

The Matus Nui Guard is a group of Glatorian and Toa defending Matus Nui.


The team was formed by a Toa who wanted Matus Nui to be defended from harm over four hundred years ago. Soon after the idea was created, he got over three hundred Toa and trained them in his fighting style in Matrux Nui. After they mastered it and gained new weaponry, The original leader died a few years later, and another member became the new leader.

After the "death" of the last leader, General-Rank member Jerga Vahk was promoted to leader. He had no interest in defending the city, but only did so to gain Turaga Jarak's trust. Their main plan is to gain control of Matrux Nui, which would give them control over all of Matus Nui. The guard pretty much controls the city, since they are the ones who handle political work; the Turaga handles creating laws and making some decisions.


Picture Rank Description
Matas Nui Guard Member Normal The most common type of members on the Matus Nui Guard. They have basic armor and a basic sword. All members are recolored this way.
Guard All Guard-rank members received darker gray armor, guns, and swords. They are recolored a darker gray and mainly guard the bases.
General General-rank members are more heavily armored, with better guns, new swords, Their old form before joining, and a powerless black Kakama (sky-adapted). They are colored black only. There can only be four general-rank members at a time.
Elite Elite-ranking members are colored green and sent mainly on stealth missions. They receive Elemental Powers of Earth, Air, and Iron. They, too, get a Kakama.
Leader The leader of the Matus Nui Guard gets his original armor and color scheme back, along with a protosteel sword.

Specific Generals (Current)[]

The General-ranking members not only command the forces inside their base of operations (Matrux Nui), they also control the outside forces. The generals control a specific part of the Guard

Picture Name Description
General Tonon Leading General of the Matus Nui Guard and long-time member
General Zentrik Leads the Elite teams of the Matus Nui Guard.
General Hiku Leader of the Guard forces of the Guard
General Pauten Commands the Normal rank forces around Matus Nui.


  • The Matus Nui Guard was possibly inspired by the "Dai Li", a police organization in "Avatar: The Last Airbender".
  • The Normal-rank MOC was built with some parts left over after creating Grand Toa form Lhikan
Shadow Makuta Brotherhood (v)

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