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Legendary Element
Silver, bronze

Matter or Everything is a Legendary elemental power that allows users control over all substances (excluding Antimatter and Dark Matter) and energy. It is usually represented by the colors silver and bronze. Matter takes extreme amounts of energy and concentration to control.

Abilities and Traits[]

A being that wields antimatter has the power to:

  • Create or destroy matter (at the cost of extremely great energy).
  • Disrupt a being's chemical makeup.
  • Create energy from nothing.
  • Form chemical elements (i.e uranium or titanium).
  • Form classical elements (i.e fire or water).
  • Repair a being instantly.
  • Create stars.
  • Create planets.
  • Cause atomic explosions.
  • Form true elements otherwise impossible, such as Untriseptium.
  • Charge or un-charge ions.
  • Increase an object or being's density, mass, and volume.
  • Create singularities of infintesimal mass and gravity.
  • Control gravity.
  • The ability to turn matter into antimatter (this costs great energy).
  • The ability to create Toa (also at the cost of great energy).
  • Generation of Toa Energy and Elemental Energy.
  • Control over electromagnetic radiation.
  • Able to trigger fusion or fission in any object.
  • Ability to create particle beam lasers.
  • Ability to accelerate atoms and particles.
  • Immunity to radiation, and enviornmental extremes.
  • Ability to cause a premature supernova in a star.
  • Inability to expend all Toa Energy.
  • Ability to disrupt both Space and Time.
  • Control atoms:
    • Control over atomic bonds.
    • Control over quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons, and neutrinos.
  • Create a matter-energy nova blast (toa exclusive).


Rigel, a "prototype" Toa meant for controlling matter in the Matoran Universe. He is the only known being to control this element.


  • No Matoran of Matter exist.
  • A Turaga of Matter could not exist as a Toa of Matter cannot expel all of their energy.
  • If a Toa of Matter were to unleash a Nova Blast, it could destroy the galaxy.