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Matoro of Shadows
The Pit
Date Set
1,001 AGC

Matoro of Shadows is a short story set in the Pit, detailing the events of Matoro's mysterious reanimation.


Chapter One[]

In the bleak waters of the Pit, Hydraxon was wandering around searching for any escaped criminals. For the past few days, it seemed as though it were quiet all the time--too quiet.

The Barraki were behind bars again (at least, whichever ones had survived their clash against each other). Hydraxon was beginning to question if any prisoners had survived other than Nocturn and the Barraki. He decided to check on his current prisoners.

As usual, there was no sign of the group of prisoners who called themselves "the Federation of Fear." It consisted of Vezon, Brutaka, Makuta Spiriah, and Roodaka. He had once thought he saw a dragon flying by their cell once, but dismissed it as a hallucination.

It was then Hydraxon noticed a battered mask on the ocean floor a few feet away from him. It resembled the mask of reanimation, but it was hard to tell considering how damaged it was. He figured he might as well hold on to it in case it was still active. It could come in handy one time.

As Hydraxon headed more towards the Pit, he noticed damaged light blue and white armor all over the place. Then, it struck him: This is the armor of the foolish Toa who was killed by putting on that golden mask of tremendous power, he thought.

What happened next would haunt Hydraxon for the rest of his life: his body was suddenly not his own. He put the battered mask he had picked up on his face and activated the mask power. The pieces of armor then started to form into the well-known being known as Toa Mahri Matoro.

Chapter Two[]

Hydraxon couldn't believe his eyes. Toa Matoro had just come back to life. But for some strange reason, Matoro didn't seem to have ended up as lifeless as the usual beings brought back by the mask of reanimation. Instead, Matoro walked toward Hydraxon and snatched back the mask he wore. Now he was reunited with his mask.

"I have a plan to put this universe back into order," said Matoro. "Are you with me? It involves tracking down all the missing Pit prisoners."

"Yes," exclaimed Hydraxon.

"Then follow me," said Matoro as he swam toward the surface.