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These are the units for the Matoran in BIONICLE Battles


Onu-Matoran Builder[]

  • The Builders of the Matoran. Also has a long ranged attack.
  • HP:50
  • Protodermis:10
  • AP:3PS
  • Abilities:
    • Build-Can build any of the Matoran Buildings
    • Repair-Can repair any Building
    • Mine-Can mine for Protodermis. Mines 4 Protodermis at a time.
    • Enhanced Repair-Can repair buildings twice as fast. Must be researched at Builders Hut.

Onu-Matoran Mechanic[]

  • The Mechanics of the Matoran. Has no attacks but several offensive abilities.
  • HP:50
  • Protodermis:20
  • Abilities:
    • Construct-Can build a Construct
    • Arrows-Can temporarily give Onu-Matoran Mechanic a long ranges that does 2DPMS for one second
    • Explosion-Can cause 20AP in one area. Also damages allies. Must be researched at the researchers hut.

Ko-Matoran Guard[]

  • The Basic Infantry
  • HP:50
  • Protodermis:10
  • AP:5PS

Ko-Matoran Research Developer[]

  • Enables research in the researchers hut.
  • HP:50
  • Protodermis:15
  • Ability:
    • Morale Boost-Raise all damage of Matoran near Ko-Matoran Research Developer
    • Take Cover-Increases resistance to damage

Ga-Matoran Healer[]

  • A unit that has no AP but has a good ability.
  • HP:50
  • Protodermis:15
  • Ability:
    • Heal-Heals the HP for any matoran Unit 5PS.
    • Poison-Target enemy takes damge 1PS for 1M. Ignores resistances. Must be researched at the researchers hut.

Po-Matoran Guard[]

  • Has A Long Ranged Attack, but can't Attack air.
  • HP:50
  • Protodermis:20
  • AP:7P2S
  • Ability:Stun Ball-Attack has 25% chance of stunning an enemy. Must be researched at the researchers hut.

Le-Matoran Disk Thrower[]

  • A Long Ranged Attack
  • HP:50
  • Protodermis:25
  • AP:6PS

Ta-Matoran guard[]

  • The Strongest Infantry Unit
  • HP:50
  • Protodermis:30
  • AP:10PS
  • Ability:Pyro Resist-Decreases fire damage


  • A crab Rahi That Is one of the Quickest of the Matoran Units
  • HP:200
  • Protodermis:65
  • AP:15PS
  • Ability:Load:Can load one unit. Has the AP of the unit added to it's own AP and it's abilty(ies).


  • A Shark Rahi. Can only be Tamed if You have A Water Tube and Some water Near By.
  • HP:50
  • Protodermis:100
  • AP:15PS
  • Ability:Quick Death:Can Kill Any Biological Unit in one Hit.


  • An Air Unit that Transports Units
  • HP:100
  • Protodermis:130
  • Ability(ies):Load:Can Load up to Five Units. If a Le-Matoran Disk Thrower is loaded, Kewa has it's AP.


  • Can only be Built if you have a Dock and Some Water Near by.
  • HP:500
  • Protodermis:500
  • Ability(ies):Load:Can load up to Six matoran in it.

Flying Matoran[]

  • A Matoran With Mechanical Wings
  • HP:100
  • Protodermis:100
  • AP:20PS

Onu-Matoran Dino Walker[]

  • A Mechanical Dinosaur Rahi. Known for Being one of the Strongest Units
  • HP:1000
  • Protodermis:1000
  • AP:100PS


Builders Hut[]

  • The Main Building.
  • HP:3000
  • Protodermis:100
  • Trains:Onu-Matoran Builder, Onu-Matoran Mechanic, Ko-Matoran Research Developer

Matoran Training Hut[]

  • The Building that Trains Most of the Infantry
  • HP:1000
  • Protodermis:120
  • Trains:Ko-Matoran Guard, Ga-Matoran Healer, Po-Matoran Guard, Le-Matoran Disk Thrower, Ta-Matoran Guard

Researchers Hut[]

  • The Building that researches all of the abilities.
  • HP:1000
  • Protodermis:100
  • Research: Explosion, Poison, Stun Ball, Infantry Resistance, Infantry Attack, & Infantry Speed

Rahi Taming Hut[]

  • The Building that Trains Non Infected Rahi
  • HP:1000
  • Protodermis:200
  • Trains:Ussal, Takea, Kewa

Water Tube[]

  • An add-on to the Rahi Taming Hut
  • HP:Adds 1000 HP to the Rahi Taming Hut
  • Protodermis:50
  • Enables:Takea

Tech Hut[]

  • The Building that Builds Mainly Nuparu's Inventions
  • HP:1000
  • Protodermis:250
  • Trains:Boat, Winged Matoran, Onu-Matoran Dino Walker


  • An Add-on to the Tech hut
  • HP:Adds 1000 HP to The Tech hut
  • Protodermis:50
  • Enables:Boat

Campaign Only Units/Buildings[]

Ta-Matoran Elite Guard(Unit)[]

  • An Enhanced Ta-Matoran with an Outer Layer of Armor
  • HP:300
  • Protodermis:1000
  • AP:15 PS(Per Second)
  • Special Abilities:
    • Pyro Dash-The unit quickly dashes leaving a trail of fire which damages enemies. Has to be researched at Ta-Matoran Outpost
    • Pyro Resist-Increases resistance to fire damage

Ko-Matoran Sniper(Unit)[]

  • An Enhanced Ko-Matoran with an Outer Layer of Armor and A Long Ranged Attack
  • HP:300
  • Protodermis:1000
  • AP:15 PS
  • Ability:Snipe:Can Kill any Unit in One Shot

Matoran Outpost(Building)[]

  • HP:500
  • Protodermis:1000
  • Trains:Ta-Matoran Elite Guard, Ko-Matoran Sniper
  • Research:Pyro Dash, Snipe

Hut (Building)[]

  • Just there for Scenery, Nothing more
  • HP:1000



  • The Character Player and Chronicler. Has no AP but an Effective Ability
  • HP:300
  • Special Ability:Cure-Has the Player Mind Control Any Selected Enemy Unit.


  • The Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard
  • HP:300
  • Ap:20PS
  • Special Ability:Pyro Resist-Decreases Fire Damage


  • A Proffesional Ussal Rider and all time Champion of the Ussalry
  • HP:250
  • AP:25PS

Macku (Boat)[]

  • The same as the Boat Except with a few Edits
  • HP:300
  • Ability(ies):Load-Can load up to Two Units
    • Cannons-If It's Fully Loaded, you can use this to attack An Enemy unit. Does 15 Ap.

Macku (Onu-Matoran Mech)[]

  • Macku's Canoe Is Built with A land mode by Onu-Matoran. Has Long Ranged Attack.
  • HP:300
  • AP:100P3S
  • Abilities:Load-Can Load up to Two Matoran.
    • Cannon-Can be used if It has one Matoran Loaded. Does 15 AP.
    • Duel Cannons-Can Be used if it's Fully Loaded. Does 30 AP.


  • A Treacherous Po-Matoran That Can Summon Ghekula
  • HP:300
  • Ability:Ghekula-Summons A Ghekula


  • A Rahi Thet Ahkmou Sells Claiming Them as "Lucky".
  • HP:100
  • AP:50 AP


  • Ultimate Kohlii Champion
  • HP:300
  • AP:10 PS
  • Ability:Kohlii Kick-Kicks A Kohlii Ball doing 15 AP


  • He Rides A Kahu Which can only Attack When it has A Unit Loaded. HasA Long Ranged Attack
  • HP:500
  • AP:5 PS
  • Ability:Load-Can Load One Unit


  • Nuju's Interpreter
  • HP:300
  • AP:15 PS

Kohlii Units[]

There is nothing special about Each unit Except Stats:Strength, Throw, And Durability.

  • Takua
  • Jaller
  • Onepu
  • Macku
  • Ahkmou
  • Hewkii
  • Hafu
  • Kongu
  • Motoro
  • Kopeke