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Matoran shorthand guide 2

The Matoran shorthand alphabet (first version).

Matoran shorthand is a writing system used by the Matoran to facilitate quick note-taking. It is commonly used by students, teachers, scholars, chroniclers, engineers, and traders.



Matoran shorthand ideas.


At some point before the Great Cataclysm, one Matoran made an offhanded attempt at speeding up the note-taking process in the middle of a project. With a bit of experimentation, they eventually developed a working writing system that they called 'Matoran shorthand'. The Matoran’s friends picked up the new writing method and began using it for their own notes. Matoran shorthand gradually rose in popularity among the Matoran and even gained users from several other sapient species over the years. By the time of Spherus Magna's reformation, Matoran shorthand could be found in many areas of the Matoran Universe.


The current version of Matoran shorthand.

On Spherus Magna[]

After the Matoran Universe’s inhabitants migrated to the newly reformed Spherus Magna, a few of the Agori and Glatorian took an interest in learning Matoran shorthand.


The earliest version of Matoran shorthand used the same format as the regular Matoran alphabet with a few exceptions. The primary difference was that it excluded the encompassing circles—or hexagons in the case of Voya Nui—that usually formed the perimeters of the characters to make writing quicker and easier.

The current, simplified version of Matoran shorthand consists of straight lines, curves, dashes, and circles. It still retains elements from the original Matoran script but has been modified to increase its practicality. 

Example Usage[]

There are many Matoran that write down notes entirely in Matoran shorthand, reserving the standard Matoran script for documents, manuscripts, and formal reports.

Matoran shorthand is often used for the following:

  • Leaving messages
  • Taking notes on paper when tablets or datapads aren't available
  • Adding notes to sketches, diagrams, and design plans
  • Writing letters, journal entries, and experiment logs

Known Users[]


  • Koru and Kapeka's journals are written entirely in Matoran shorthand.
  • Some of the letters in the Matoran shorthand alphabet resemble their English counterparts.
  • The idea for Matoran shorthand was first thought up sometime around or before 2010.