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"Yesss....the blood speaks to me. I speaks of death and mutation, of wounds and worse.... yesss... It speaks!"
―An insane Matoran of Blood.

The Matoran of Blood are an insane cult of visious former Matoran who have undergone a transformation to warp them into weird beings that control blood.

Matoran of Blood
Insane Matoran
A former Le-Matoran of Blood
Element Blood
Preferred Regions Unknown
Primary Colors Various
Transforms Into Toa of Blood


The Matoran of Blood began as an insane group of Matoran who believed they could gain the powers of other creatures through using their blood.

Eventually one of their number, Incarn, discovered a Visorak web, near their village. Eventually the Matoran there were forced to relocate, and the insane Matoran went with them. However, led by a legendary Ga-Matoran, Syth, a breakaway faction discovered the visorak's mutiation powers, and stole a fragment of the Visorak Venom, wich they stored in a vial. After mixing a small bit of Venom into a vat of the blood of 20 other beings, one of their number, whose name is lost to time, soaked in the Venom-tainted vat of blood for 40 days, and when he emerged, he was stronger, faster, and more visious then all other Matoran. Later, the rest of the beings did the same and discovered they could manipulate their blood and the blood of others. They then relocated to the Twilight Void, though some left for the Seas of Blood.


The group's leader, Incarn, and his five generals, Syth, Vatra, Skarn, Xorn, and Reliquiisha rule the cult today, each of the generals ruling one location of the five "Zones" or regions that their cult rules or has nominal control of: Incarn rules of the Twilight Void Seas, retaining an uneasy truce with the Soul Eaters of Corpse who demand tribute from them, Syth rules over the southern-most Islands, though her servants do most of the work, as Syth is usually with Incarn, Vatra rules the Seas of Blood with an iron fist, and Xorn presides over the Northern Continent's Matoran cults. Mengar is charged with spreading the cult's organizations on Sphereus Magna, though so far he has had little sucess, and Reliquiisha never leaves the Open Maw, where hundreds of terrified creatures of all types try to carve out settlements for themselves within the huge being. Most beings speculate he cannot leave, as none have ever left the Maw and survived.


  • The Matoran of Blood is both a species and an organization
  • There has never been a Toa of Blood, and all cultists long to find a Toa to immerse within their Blood Vats.