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"In a time before time, the Great Spirit was sent from Paradise by the Great Beings, to watch over our universe..."
―The most orthodox telling of the creation tale.

The Matoran Religion is the "religion" practiced by most Matoran. Although it is deemed religion, the system could be more equated to a warped version of actual Matoran history.

Belief System[]

The Matoran religion centers on Mata Nui, the Artificial Intelligence controlling the Great Spirit Robot, the construct that contains the Matoran Universe.

The religion also reveres six Great Beings that are said to have had a hand in the creation of the Mata Nui robot. Each Great Being was also attributed to an element, and is often granted as being a patron of a certain aspect of Matoran life.

Great Beings[]


The Transsentients are the true Great Beings, six of whom are given credit for creating the Matoran Universe.

The following is a list of Great Being deities:

  • Tarius- the warrior and master of fire and forge. He is often granted as being the patron of soldiers, and is said to have helped design the Ta-Matoran. Skakdi are also known to worship him.
  • Aelia- the caregiver and ruler of water, wisdom, and mercy. She is the patron of doctors and teachers, and is credited with designing the Ga-Matoran.
  • Angonce- the wise one and controller of earth, history, and morals. Angonce plays a very large part in Matoran mythology, and is credited with creating the Onu-Matoran. He is also considered the patron of historians.
  • Septimus- the sportsman and master of stone, strength, and craftsmanship. He is often credited with the creation of the Po-Matoran. He is the patron of artisans and athletes. Surprisingly, the Vortixx also revere him.
  • Valerius- a Great Being credited as controller of air, commerce, and humor. He is often treated as the patron of pilots and cartsman, and is believed to have designed the Le-Matoran.
  • Ianarius- the Great Being of ice, philosophy, and foresight. He is granted as being the patron of oracles and philosophers, and is believed to have designed the Ko-Matoran.


Deities are beings that control the Matoran Universe.

  • Mata Nui- the ruler of the Matoran Universe and master of all elements. He is often associated with light, protection, and healing, and is considered the guardian of the Matoran.
  • Makutua- Teridax, who created the deity to make himself appear as an equal to Mata Nui. His illusions of Matoran godhood may not have been far off, however.
  • Tren Krom- a being who controlled the universe before Mata Nui. Not much is known about him.


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