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Matoran alphabet

The Matoran language is the language spoken by Matoran and other beings throughout the Matoran Universe.



  • Athyk (ATH-ick): The act of exploration
  • Barraki (BUH-rock-KEE): Warlord
  • Chroros (Chro-ROSS): Diverse/diversity
  • Cordak (KOAR-dack): Desolation
  • Garon (GAYR-on): Junk
  • Gilos (GEE-los): Scrap
  • Gnihton (KNIT-on): Nothing
  • Hagah (HAH-gah): Guardian
  • Hordika (hoar-DEE-kah): Half-Beast, or Primal
  • Inika (i-NEE-kah): The energies of a star
  • Jaga (JAH-guh): Scorpion
  • Ka: One of the words for "Spirit"
  • Kahu: Hawk
  • Kane-Ra (kan-NAY-rah): Bull
  • Kanohi (kah-NO-hee): Mask
  • Kanoka (kah-NO-kah): Disk
  • Karda (Car-duh): Heart, or Core
  • Karhi (Car-he): Power
  • Kini (kih-NEE): Temple
  • Kopen (KOH-pen): Wasp
  • Koro (koar-OH): Village
  • Kirikori: Locust
  • Kuma: Rat/Rodent
  • Manas (MAH-nuhz): Monster
  • Mangai (MAHN-gigh): Protector
  • Mangaia (MAHN-gigh-uh): Protector (archaic)
  • Makoki (muh-KOH-kee): Key
  • Mata (MAH-TAH): Spirit
  • Mahi: Goat
  • Mahri: Ocean or Water
  • Metru (MET-troo): City or District
  • Mistika (miss-TEE-kah): "Spirits of the Mist"
  • Muaka (moo-AH-kah): Cat, Tiger
  • Nico (NEE-koh): One with/one of
  • Nui (Nu-EE): Great
  • Nuva (NOO-vah): New
  • Oputok (Oh-POO-tock): Long sight or To see a long distance
  • Phantoka (Fan-toke-ah): "Spirits of the Air"
  • Piraka (PIE-rock-ah): "Thief" and/or "Murderer" (Very close to an obscenity)
  • Rahi (rah-HEE): Wildlife or "Not us"
  • Rama (RAH-mah): Fly
  • Rhama (RAH-mah): Unity
  • Rifix (RIFF-icks): Pain
  • Sophicia (so-fee-see-AH): Wisdom
  • Suva (SOO-vah): Shrine
  • Tatara (tah-TAR-ah): From death to life/from life to death
  • Takea (TAH-kay-AH): King of Sharks
  • Toa (TOE-ah): Hero
  • Tobduk (toab-duck): Survivor
  • Turaga (too-RAH-gah): Elder
  • Umbra (UM-bra): Darkest part of a shadow
  • Vahki (vah-KEY): Law
  • Valmai (VAL-my): The closest translation would be "cursed place" (archaic)
  • Vezon (vey-ZONN): Double
  • Wahi (wah-HEE): Region
  • Xaax (Zacks): Confused or Unsure
  • Yutai (YOU-tie): Fog/mist
  • Heara (Hear-ah): Toa thats not ment to be Toa


Matoran have several slang phrases for insults and place names among others. Here is a list of existing ones, though there are more which are not noted.

  • Akilini-Head/Kolhii-Head - A slang term indicating a dolt or fool
  • Best laid plans of Makuta and Matoran - An expression indicating that things often go wrong despite one having taken careful measures to avoid them
  • Bioquake - A synonym for earthquake
  • Biostorm - A synonym for a destructive storm
  • Brother/Sister – A title that roughly means 'partner' or 'comrade in arms'. The title is normally used by those who work closely together, or fight for the same cause, usually in the same group. Nearly all Toa call other members of their team brother or sister, and often continue to call each other by the title after becoming Turaga. Artakha and Karzahni also referred to each other as brothers.
  • City of Legends - A expression referring to Metru Nui. This term was coined by the Shadowed One during the Toa/Dark Hunter War, as he claimed Metru Nui would be "well and truly a city of legends since, as is well known, most legends are about the dead."
  • Conestack - A slanged synonym for qi weed, describing its overall shape
  • Dermis shell weather - An expression which indicates bad weather, predicted by Dermis Turtles when they hide in their shells for no apparent reason
  • Foolish as a Sand Snipe - An expression based on the behavior of Sand Snipes, who characteristically drown in Liquid Protodermis while attempting to drink it
  • Fire-spitter - A Le-Matoran slur for Ta-Matoran, sometimes used in a friendly context
  • Goatdog - A nickname for the Pahrak Va
  • Go to Karzanhi - A term used to describe you want someone going to a place he or she will be killed
  • Hold your Rahi - An expression which means to slow down
  • Kill two Gukko with one stone - An expression which means to eliminate two objectives in one action
  • Like a wild Rahi in a Knowledge Tower - An expression which indicates an out-of-control force in a fragile area
  • M&D - Visorak shorthand for "mutation and disposal"
  • Makutaverse - A name Makuta Teridax coined for the Matoran Universe while under his control, portmanteau of the words "Makuta" and "universe"
  • Mistika - In addition to its given meaning, it was also a term used to describe combatants in the Swamp of Secrets during the battles that occurred there. Those referred to with the term were the Toa Nuva Tahu, Onua, and Gali, the Makuta Krika, Bitil, and Gorast, as well as Toa Takanuva
  • Muaka Dung - A term used to insult, or just to describe the droppings of a Muaka
  • Not the brightest mask in the storehouse/Not the brightest Lightstone in Onu-Koro - An expression which indicates that a being has less than average intelligence
  • Nuparu's Folly - A nickname given to the Kralhi
  • Old War Rahi - A veteran of war and battles
  • Phantoka - A name attributed to fighters during battles that took place in the upper regions of Karda Nui, called as such due to the aerial nature of the combatants. Those called Phantoka were the Toa Nuva Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu, the Makuta Antroz, Chirox, Vamprah, Mutran, and Icarax, and the Toa Ignika
  • Rahaga - The name given to the Toa Hagah when they were mutated to look like small Rahkshi-headed creatures. This name was made up by Roodaka (Rahkshi + Hagah).
  • Roodaka - The name of this Vortixx has become a slang word for treachery due to her betraying of both the Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • Shambler - A moniker for a Matoran under the effect of the Vahki Vorzakh's Staff of Erasing
  • Spiriah - The name of this Makuta has become a slang word for failure due to his unsuccessful experiment on the Skakdi.
  • Stalking Kinloka - A nickname given to the Kinloka used on Zakaz to set off traps ahead so that the Skakdi will have a clear path
  • Surfacer - An Onu-Matoran word for a Matoran from another region
  • Tarakava Bait - An expression which indicates 'as good as dead'
  • Tip of the statue - A Po-Matoran expression indicating that what is being referred to is just the beginning of something
  • Toa of Twilight - A taunting phrase coined by Radiak for Takanuva after his Shadow Leech attack due to him possessing both Light and Shadow powers.
  • Tunnel Fox - A nickname for the Nuhvok Va
  • Vahki Bones/Makuta Bones/Lava Bones/Rahi Bones - an expression which indicates that someone is as good as dead
  • Whistling past Makuta's lair - An expression which means to speak excessively or constantly, sometimes about one's courageous acts, to draw attention away from the fact that the speaker is afraid


Matoran have prefixes for things as elements and Bohrok powers.