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(Makot Republic)
(Kanohi Mektek of Awareness)
(Fire Shield/Blade)
(Metru Nui)

Matla is a soldier for the Makot Republic in the chaos universe. He has a hazy history because of his brainwashing in Metru Nui. He was lost then found by a Makot soldier and trained in the Makot Republic.


After being brainwashed he lost most of his memory and can't remember any of his previous life. He was then abandoned on Spherus Magna and found by a Makot Republic soldier. He was trained to be a soldier and once he finished training was put in the Skadi defense battalion. He fought for a long time until his 4th year he quit and was a hunter looking for clues to his past. He died of sickness. A chemical was tested on his body that brought him back as a undead. He now lives in Metru Nui still looking for clues to his past

Personality and Traits[]

Matla is a stubborn person who is slightly selfish and at the same time very kind and generous. Going through war scenarios Effected his personality. He almost went insane from the horrors of war. He made poems to keep him self sane. War was to much for him and he quit to go look for his identity. he died of a sickness. He was very shocked when he came back to life. He lost half his mind and went insane for a week. When he calmed down he went back to his old self. Now he still looks for clues to his identity.

Powers and Equipment[]

He has normal war equipment, a flame sheild, and a blade. He has slight powers to sense things around him and "feel" them. He is extremely strong for a matoran.