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"Your anger isn't an ally, it's a set back...some may say it helps win

doesn't, don't forget that."

-Matix to Numa


Matix is a Paki who has been a mentor since before the shattering. He helps the Atahi, Numa, train and handle

his anger. No one quite knows everything about Matix's past, he says he is shamed by one whom he trained before Numa. Maybe the only thing anyone does know about his past is he did his best to hold the tribe together afteer the shattering. When he was told he was to train Numa he was not upset, he had always wanted to train an Atahi. He always went on adventures when he was young and had nothing else to do. One such adventure was very unpleasent, leaving him stuck to the tail of a running Glacier bird. Another had him trapped in a Dread shark's nest. But, as he got older his adventures grew less and less until they vanished completely. Though he will always remember his adventures no matter how old he grows.


Matix has been slow to anger all his life, leave the time he had a brawl with another Paki over reasons that do not

concern you and me. He is brave, due to his many adventures, and loving to his tribe and the neighboring jungle tribe, But, as most fire tribe Paki, he dislikes the ice tribe. He would still save an ice triber from death or suffering. He is a very caring and just leader to the fire tribe.

Powers and Tools[]

Matix weilds two lava blades and is known to be able to clear his mind so as to focus on a given subject, this made

him a great opponentin his days of battle.


"Everyone has the power to help or destroy...all they have to do is choose."
-Matix and Numa's motto
"Don't think of helping your tribe as something you have to do, think of it as what you should do, that brings


-Matix to Hurix and Numa
"I don't govern my tribe because I have to. I govern it because I want to make it a better place, can't you see that?"
-Matix to Kopix