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"Surrender, and you will be unharmed."
"I offer you a similar proposal. Surrender, and you will he harmed marginally less, which is still quite a bit.
Galdrex and Matata [src]
Makuta Matata
Omega Being
Kraata powers, Reality
Staff, claw

Makuta Matata is an Omega Being.


Makuta Matata was created by a group of Great Beings obsessed with creating the "perfect species" as an upgraded design of the Makuta. However, the Great Beings realized that the power he had been given, that of reality, could pose a threat to them and the multiverse itself. They attempted to kill him before he learned to fully control his powers, but Matata escaped from Spherus Magna and left behind his creation of Energized Protodermis in vengeance, which ended up seeping through the surface of the planet and causing The Shattering.

He posed as a normal Makuta, but refused to fight in any conflicts, as he argued that beings fought in wars if they are affected by them, but that he could be affected by nothing. Most of the other Makuta left him alone, choosing not to disturb a being of such awesome power. He created a Toa team, the Toa Skeelax, for himself, but decided not to make them invincible for the fun of watching them struggle.

Antidax later hired Charon to collect a bounty on Matata, neglecting to let the Toa know that he controlled reality. More soon...

After killing the Toa Skeelax, he attacked Matata, but was quickly defeated and mutated into a hideous form. Matata, however, retained an interest in Charon, and continued to watch him over the years as he adopted the name "Nightwatcher."

Matata was at one point contacted by Tetrack, who asked him to interfere with Nightwatcher's latest bounty hunting mission, which Matata did gladly, throttling the hunter and inflicting the most possible pain that he could recover from.

When Teridax took over the body of the Mata Nui robot, Matata did not interfere, as he knew that Teridax was no threat to him, and he did not care about the "meaningless politics" of lesser mortals.

He did not follow the other inhabitants of the Matoran Universe to the newly created Spherus Magna. He is currently in an unknown location.

Abilities and traits[]

Matata possesses all the Kraata powers, as well as the power to control reality itself. As well as creating Kraata, he could create a species of servant known as the Death Egg.

Makuta Matata bore the Kanohi Roki, the Mask of Reality, which amplified his ability to distort reality itself, as well as a staff and claw.


"You Great Beings are all the same; doing things without considering the consequences. I'm a consequence. Now you have to consider me."
―Matata to the Great Beings that created him [src]
"The six of you were trying to make the 'perfect species.' Here I am. I am perfect. Don't you think I'm handsome?"
―Matata to the Great Beings that created him [src]


  • Tales of the Bounty Hunters: Cursed
  • War with the Kodax (Mentioned only)