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Chapter 1[]

Takua stood on a rock overlooking the Ga-Koro beach. The waterfall of the legendary Toa Gali spewed waves mixing in with the sea. It was such a peaceful sight. It was going to be another peaceful day.


Sanso woke up in his hut. Another uneventful day. It seemed like nothing had been happening for the past few days. There were only a coupe of Rahi attacks and there weren't any Nui-Rama flying around, causing mischief. It was days like this that he hated. Even though he was a musician, he still hated a boring day. Without anything to do, there was no celebrarions for anything, and no musical nummbers to play. He wished something would happen.


The matoran named Kongu

He dragged himself out of bed and sleepily began walking around Le-Koro. He was quickly approached by the matoran named Kongu.

"" said Sanso, sleepily.

"Why are you sleep-snoozing when there are so many things to do?" asked Kongu, in disbelief.

" what?" replied Sanso.

Kongu began to list things. "We can quick-swing thrugh the trees in search of berries, or I could teach you how to high-fly a Gukko bird, or maybe we could...." said Kongu, going on and on.

Sanso was extrmely uninterested, and he began to walk away. He was then grabbed by Kongu.

"No sleep-walking today, sleep-snoozer," said Kongu.


Kongu dragged Sanso all the way down out of Le-Koro into the jungle below.

"Lets round-up some food-berries," said Kongu.

"What if....I don't....want to....gather berries...?" said Sanso, sleepily.

Kongu was shocked. How could someone be so sleepy on such a peaceful day?

"I..g-guess you don't h-have to..." stammered Kongu, sounding obviously hurt by what Sanso said.

Sanso was so tired he didn't realize that he hurt Kongu's feelings by being rude like that, and he climbed back up to Le-Koro, deciding to go back to bed.

Kogu shook off his feeling of disbelief and anger and began searching for berries.


Takua walked along the beach. Everything was so beautiful. The falls, the gentle lilypad town of Ga-Koro, and the beautiful canyon rising on the beach, filled with plant life, making a base for the Toa Gali waterfall. There was nothing very eventful going on, so he decided to lay down in the sand and watch the clouds.


As Takua laid on the beach, six canisters flew down from the heavens, plummeting into the ocean. They were too far away for anyone to see....or so it seemed.


Turaga Nuju looked through his telescope, watching in awe as the canisters fell rom the sky. It was only a matter of time before they reached the shore.

He summoned his right-hand matoran, Matoro.

"Go to the beach near the mountains, and wait for a canister to wash up. Watch the being who comes out like a Muaka. I think Toa Kopaka has arrived with the other Toa to save Mata Nui!" said Nuju.

It looked like that day turned out to be eventful after all.

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Chapter 2[]


Matoro, Nuju's right-hand matoran

Matoro walked back to Ko-koro, still excitd that Toa Kopaka had arrived. He himself had watched the Toa of Ice emerge from his canister and put himself together. It was an honor to meet him as well. By now he was probably climbing Mt. Ihu, trying to find the Kanohi Hau. Matoro had a feeling things were going to improve around Mata Nui these days.....or get worse. Anyway, no matter what, He would be prepared.

As he entered Ko-koro, he looked and saw the many shocked faces of Ko-Matoran everywhere. Toa Kopaka had finally came, and at last the darktime would cease to exsist. Turaga Nuju should have been out confiming that Kopaka had arrived to the Mtoran, bbut wa no where to be seen. He was looking through his telescope, studying the new arrangement of stars.

They were in a pattern, a strange pattern. It was almost as if they signaled that something was being disturbed. That something would happen earlier than it was destined to. Then again, no Matoran or Turaga on Mata Nui should even be on the island, so the arrangement of tarss almost made sense. But Turaga Nuju couldn't help feeling a chill of fear.


Massive jolts of lava flew from the volcano near Ta-koro, as usual. But what was unusual wa the huge Kane-Ra bull attacking the village. The Ta-Matoran Guard, led by Jala, threw their bamboo discs trying to drive away the creature. It barely slowed down. Discs flew through the air, striking and bouncing off, and some were crushed by the Kane-Ra. Already the monster had somehow leaped across the huge lava bay surrounding Ta-Koro, and began attacking the front gates. Several Matoran were injured, and seemed as though the battle was lost. Then, as if it were being controlled (well, in truth, it was because it was wearing an infected Kanohi), the Kane-Ra leaped across the lava and landed at the other side, and ran away.

"What do you supposed scared it away?" aked a Matoran in the guard to Jala.

"It didn't flee from fear," repllied Jala. "Makuta controlled it. He summoned it away before it could do damage. He wanted this to be a warning to anyone who would oppose him.

The Ta-Matoran got a chill and walked away from Jala, pondering the thought that Makuta was striking like he had never struck before. Jala just stood, looking at the destruction the beast had caused.

"Makuta," spat Jala, saying it as if it were a curse.


Jala, Captain of the Guard

"If you are watching me," said Jala, "Then hear me now. One day, we will get even with you. You will fall, and I will personally step all over you, and grind your head under my heel. Then, I will be he one who has the last laugh."

With that Jala walked away, alreadytired of the ndless destruction on Mata Nui.

In the darkness of Mangaia, Makuta watched, amused at the brave words of the Captain of the Guard.

"Then again," began Makuta, "You are not some Toa Hero of legends. You are but a Matoran, a simple, weak-minded weakling. Who are you to challenge me? After all, I don't see any Toa you? Some day, Jala, it will be I who shall have the last laugh, as I stand over your battered carcuss."

Makuta began to laugh, unaware that the Toa had arrived. He would probbly regret his words. But that still remained to be seen.......

Chapter 3[]

Slowly, he spilled out of his canister. He started snapping pieces together, and became whole. He picked up his mask, and put it on. Lying on the ground was a green, long, axe. He picked it up and tried to swing it. It bolted from his han and flew into a tree, making sveral small birds fly out. He needed to remember his name. Somehow, he knew everything would be easier if he did. He thought harder....harder.....Lewa.......and he remembered it! He strode into the jungle, picking up his axe on the way.



Tamaru,a matoran

"I cannot believe that Sanso was so sleepy-snoozing he would be rude," said Kongu to Tamaru, another matoran in Le-Koro.

"Maybe he isn't happy-well," said Tamaru. "He cold have the Taravania Flu-bug."

Kongu thought for a moment. That flu made its victim act strange, and completely opposite of what they usually are. On Le-Matoran, it could make them turn grumpy and tired all day. It was a possibility that Sanso had it.

"Don't just lazy-stand there then," said Kongu. "Let's go get Sanso some medical attention.


Matoran of Onu-koro wathed in awe as the legendary Toa Onua walked through Onu-Koro, side by side with Onepu and Turaga Whenua. Apparently he had just arrived, and did not remember anything. It looked like the "Dark Time" was just about over.

Meanwhile, Makuta watched this in his lair.

"It cannot be....!" he said as he watched Toa Onua in Onu-Koro.

"He must be an impostor!" he yelled. Makuta prepared to plot his next move against this Toa "impostor."


By now, all six Toa were up and running. Takua the matoran had watched Toa Tahu rise from hi canister, Onua was in Onu-koro, Kopaka met Pohatu and found the Kanohi Hau, Gali was swimming around, and Lewa was flying through the jungle. Little did they know, they were going to face challenges that were greater than they ever dreamed of.