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Mata Knight
Rock Tribe (Formerly, Bone Hunters (Formerly), Organization of Darkness (Formerly), Light Hunters, Mata Nui Army, Order of Mata Nui, Great Warriors of Metru Nui (Formerly), The Two Heroes
Twin knives, Metallic hand
Metru Nui

Mata Knight is an ancient Agori, Mata Nui's servant and a member of the Light Hunters, Mata Nui Army and Order of Mata Nui.


Bara Magna[]

He was a servant to the Skrall a long time ago. His story in Bara Magna is unknown but it's known that he was chosen by Artakha to serve Mata Nui and that he lost his hand in a Glatorian Championship some years before.

Matoran Universe[]

He betrayed the Organization of Darkness a long time ago when Teridax was the leader. He escaped to Karzahni and there he became a guardian. Kevtho ordered him to evacuate the Matoran prisoners to Daxia there Helryx would decide their destiny. He has created a group called Great Warriors of Metru Nui and their destiny was to help the Toa Metru to rescue the Matoran. But they died when a Visorak horde attacked them and Mata Knight was alone. He then decided to escape to Voya Nui there he could get peace. But when Voya Nui was destroyed he escaped once again to the island of Fato.

Return to Bara Magna[]

He was in Bara Magna together with Eritko, Shadow Ceasame, Icarax 2, Swip and Fog to fight Makuta Tridax but he got shot by him.

Return to the Matoran Universe[]

He came back to the Matoran Universe and arrived in Metru Nui to help the Light Hunters with there mission. He and other Light Hunters were later attacked by Rahkshi. He survived, but due to Sektem's death, he decided to lay the group to rest for good.


  • Mata Knight is inspired on the Kirby character Meta Knight
  • He is more powerful than Teridax himself.
  • In Bara Magna, his name was Bone Agori, because of he was both an Agori of the Rock Tribe and a Bone Hunter.


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