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Mask of Undeath
Matoran Mask of Undeath
Reanimating the bearer
Component Kanoka
Unknown; believed to use similar formulas to the Tryna and Mask of Scavenging

The Mask of Undeath is a Kanohi that reanimates the user upon death. This is accomplished by storing a portion of their life force and reapplying it into the bearer's corpse. Once reanimated, the wearer will attempt to fulfill the last task they intended to accomplish before their death. Should they accomplish this, the Mask will expel the life force from the body and allow it to expire naturally.

While reanimated, the user retains some level of their original powers and strength. These are often hampered by a reduction in cognitive processing, making them sluggish and slow to react. Self-preservation, awareness, and vocalization are also reduced in this state. These traits make them less effective in combat or security. The best way to determine if one is undead is to look at the eyes and heartlight (if the latter is available); a lack of illumination indicates that they have already died.

Toa are generally disturbed by the nature of a Mask of Undeath, and thus deem it immoral.


The Mask of Undeath traces its origins back to some of the earliest mask-making techniques adopted on Spherus Magna, where an unclear number of Masks were created for the Matoran populace. At this point in the history of the Matoran Universe, the Mask had no elemental affiliation and was generally ignored by the public, seeing no practical use for it. Societies that did considered it a representation of one's commitment to the Virtue of Duty.

Following The Awakening—where Velika removed programming that prohibited development of sapience—many Matoran saw the Mask's powers as ghoulish. With growing disgust towards the Mask's power (and rumors of cults reanimating their members with it), the Toa would go on to consider it Immoral. Other races, however, saw it as a sign of dedication and would outfit pilgrims and dying warriors with these Kanohi. Guards of crypts and tombs possessed them in life, continuing to watch over their honored dead in death.

Example Usage[]

An old folktale from the Southern Islands claims that a monk on a pilgrimage used a Mask of Undeath to reach his destination.

Known Users[]



  • A "petrified fixed" Matoran from Kazahni (Destroyed)


Picture Form
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The standard version of a Great Mask of Undeath. 3D model designed by KhingK3D.
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A great Mask of Undeath in Brotherhood form. 3D model designed by KhingK3D.