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Mask of Space
Title Mask of Space
Powers Space
Pronunciation N/A

The Legendary Mask of Space was a Kanohi worn by Vavakx.


The Mask of Space gave its user power of Space, allowing deformation, doubling, spinning, crushing and controlling all physical aspects of the universe. The power refers only to the ability to manipulate an area, not to challenge its laws, so gravity, friction, and many other rules could not be manipulated. The mask could not affect beings or objects, but could manipulate the space to, for example, make the same object to be present in two different places at the same time. The mask was also capable of creating dimensional portals and paradoxes.

Being a Legendary Kanohi, the Mask of Space was one of the most powerful Kanohi in existence since it was incredibly difficult to fully control. As such, if it were destroyed within the Matoran Universe, its powers would escape and the integrity of space within the universe would also have been destroyed. Losing control of the mask would have had the same effect.

It is impossible to create a Great, Noble, or Matoran version of the Mask of Space, since a weaker mask would not be able to contain the power within itself.

As Vavakx had used the Mask of Space for centuries, he had developed the immense willpower and mental potential to be able to use it correctly. Also, as an Alpha Being and shapeshifter, he has changed the shape of the mask many times to fit his needs.