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Mask of Space

The Legendary Mask of Space was a Kanohi under ownership of Vavakx and one of the most powerful Kanohi in the Matoran Universe.


The Mask of Space grants its user unprecedented control over the manipulation of space itself. However, its immense power also comes with significant limitations and risks.

The primary ability of the Mask of Space is to manipulate the physical aspects of a designated area. This manipulation includes warping, doubling, spinning, and controlling the spatial dimensions of the chosen region. The mask's power is strictly limited to the manipulation of space and cannot challenge or alter the fundamental laws governing gravity, friction, or other physical rules in the area.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the mask's power is its ability to create paradoxes. For instance, the mask can cause the same object to exist in two different places simultaneously, effectively bending the laws of traditional space-time understanding. Furthermore, the mask enables its user to achieve teleportation, allowing them to instantaneously move from one location to another. Additionally, it grants the ability to create dimensional portals, effectively opening gateways to other spatial dimensions.

As a Legendary Kanohi, the Mask of Space is among the most potent and challenging masks to control. Its immense power makes it difficult for even skilled users to wield without facing the risk of losing control over its abilities. If the mask were to be destroyed within the Matoran Universe, its powers would be unleashed, posing a grave threat to the integrity of space within the universe. Similarly, losing control of the mask's powers would have catastrophic consequences.

Due to the sheer magnitude of power contained within the Mask of Space, it is impossible to create weaker versions of the mask, such as Great, Noble, or Matoran variants. A weaker mask would not be able to contain and harness its immense power.



  • The Mask of Space was unable to accommodate to an Alpha Being's shapeshifting power. As a result, while in use, Vavakx was unable to shapeshift his head.
    • It, however, could have been reforged into a new shape by someone of sufficient skill, had it been necessary. Such process would have been risky.
  • As with all Legendary Kanohi, the Mask of Space was a golden color by default. However, all of Vavakx's depictions show it matching his silver color scheme.