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"It's probably hard to believe, but altering reality can be very... risky."
Pakri, sarcastically about the mask.
Mask of Reality
Changing and manipulating reality to the user’s will
Component Kanoka

The Mask of Reality was a dangerous mask. It could alter reality itself and had powers over every other mask-except the Kanohi Guhjii, Vahkan and Zutekhae, because they are on the same power level. The worst thing about Mask of Reality is that it does not require willpower to use, unlike most masks. Even an unintelligent rahi could use the mask if it was wearing it.


The Mask was Inwirn's benefit. She used the mask to change reality to her own liking, which occured in False Reality. Luckily, Tapio managed to return reality to normal. However, he made some mistakes, which came to be known as Tapio's Mistakes.

The mask fell into lava with Inwirn, Dumpa, and Lerahk in the end, presumably destroying the mask and killing them.

However, the mask survived, and found its way to the open sea, where it was discovered by Nomanis, who, after donning the mask and realizing its power, deemed it too dangerous to use and smashed it with his Pakari-enhanced strength. However, due to his ability to use the powers of any mask he had ever worn, Nomanis still had the mask's power within him, but has not used it to this day.

Past users[]

Alternate Versions[]

In an alternate universe, Inwirn was thrown into the void between dimensions by an unknown being. She died, but the Mask continued to float through space, and eventually fell through a wormhole onto Corona Magna. The librarians hid it in an underground chamber, and kept its existence a secret.

In the Omnix alternate universe, the Great Beings designed the mask, but never made it, as they considered it too dangerous. Millennia later, Omnix found the schematics and created it for himself, using its powers to make him omnipotent. After his defeat, the mask was used by Lhikan to undo the damage Omnix had caused, and then it was destroyed by Makuta Teridax.  


  • One of Henkka's Tasks included destroying the mask, which has been done.
  • Turahk has recreated the mask in a new form
  • Except in the Omnix alternate universe, the mask resembles the Kanohi Hau.


"This is not a shiny little object that we want as a souvenir in our living room! This is a powerful, dangerous, legendary artifact, capable of altering all of we know, and things beyond it that we're talking about here!"
Henkka to Inwirn before the usage of the mask.
"We've been journying all around Bio-Land, trying all kinds of plots just to get rid of a couple of Matoran. And all while, this mask has been resting here... the mask that gives answers. The mask that CREATES answers."
―Inwirn to Dumpa and Lerahk
"Shame, such a fantastic mask lost... truly a shame..."

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