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The Mask of Kinetic Absorbtion is a Kanohi that allows its bearer to absorb kinetic energy, making said bearer stronger with every attack used against him or her. A drawback to this Kanohi is that it allows the wearer to absorb only so much energy before it begins to pain them, eventually forcing the wearer to deactivate the mask and leaving them vulnurable to attack.




  • The Mask of Kinetic Absorbtion shown is not the usual form of this Kanohi, but is in the shape of the Legendary Mask of Creation worn by Artakha.
    • Though set-wise, the mask resembles the Noble Matatu, in the story, Henarck's version resembles the Mask of Creation.
  • Henarck chose to have his mask carved into the form the Mask of Creation as a way of honoring his "brother," Artakha.
  • The Mask of Kinetic Absorbtion's name and power was originally suggested by user Chicken Bond.