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Mask of Jokes
Jokes, can create objects which can be used in making of jokes, make new joke ideas
Henkka (Formerly)

The Mask of Jokes is a mask which was created by accident by one of Tapio's Mistakes. It replaced Henkka's old mask, Mask of Electricity. However, Henkka couldn't use its power until he was transformed into a False Turaga. This was because of an effect of the Power Sucker Machine, which activated the mask.

The Mask of Jokes can be used in many ways. Henkka has never used it before, but knows its powers. The mask can create objects that can be used to frighten someone or pull another practical joke on someone. Not more is known about the strange powers of the mask.

The Mask of Jokes was replaced with a Mask of Telepathy by the Symbol of Mata Nui when Henkka became a Toa.




  • The Mask of Jokes has no part in the fact that Henkka is incredibly strong as a False Turaga.
  • The Mask of Jokes would probably be considered a "False Mask" or a "Fake Mask" since it shouldn't have even existed. This is also the reason this mask can't be created from any disks.

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