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Mask of Possibilities
Mask of Fire
RSG Mask Of Fire
Control over Fire
Component Kanoka
Disk of Fire

The Mask of Fire was an Elemental Kanohi that afforded the user rudimentary control over the Elemental Power of Fire, allowing them to raise temperatures and conjure bursts of flames. Notably, the Kanohi did not permit the bearer the ability to absorb or manipulate Fire or boost the existing Elemental Powers of a Toa of Fire.


The Mask of Fire traces its origins back to later waves of mask-making discovered in the centuries after the Awakening, where an unclear number of Elemental Kanohi were crafted from Elementally-charged Toa Disks by Artakha. Greatly favored and sought after by the Matoran populace, only a handful of these Elemental Kanohi came into circulation given the rarity of Elemental Kanoka, which were most commonly produced as a byproduct of a Matoran's conversion into a Toa. A very limited number of newly-transformed Toa willingly parted ways with their Toa Disks, further restricting the number of Elemental Kanohi. As such, very few Masks of Fire were known to exist in the entire Matoran Universe, the exact number being somewhat of a guarded secret by Toa and avid collectors alike.

From its earliest inception, the Mask of Fire became heavily associated with Ta-Matoran as the manifestation of their Elemental discipline.

It is suspected that there are currently no Masks or Toa Disks of Fire and as such, there are no living Toa known to bear Masks of Fire.

Notable Bearers[]


  • Shadowus (Formerly)


  • Firius (Formerly)
  • Flamius


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