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Mask of Atomic Vision
Mask of Atomic Vision
Allows the wearer to see and detect all atoms in the surrounding environment.

The Mask of Atomic Vision, also known as the Kanohi Wendu is a mask that allows the user to see every individual atom around them, and helps them to find stress points in armor or in physical structures. It can also be used to detect the atomic structures of those using a Kanohi Huna and a Kanohi Volitak, as well as beings who are concealing themselves with the power of invisibility. This Kanohi always operates on a low level.




  • Vixl




3D render of the mask

  • The Mask of Atomic Vision was originally created by Ihu for his storyline, though when he retired from active life on the wiki, he left the mask available in his departure testament to anyone mentioned in his will, and the mask was accepted into Chicken Bond's storyline as the mask worn by Warlock.
  • Though the mask's only known wearer, Warlock, is shown wearing a Pakari Nuva Kanohi mask in his MOC, story-wise, however, it is non-canon, and the canon appearance of the mask was designed and drawn by user AshkailWarrior792.