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Marixa Information
Species AffliationVarious
AlliesMatoran, Toa, Order of Mata Nui,
EnemiesThe Harorelic,
LeaderCorraka Spartan 2 and Tourk
HomelandThe Forgotten system
GoalDestroy everything that is Harorelic


The Marixa Are a Group of Specialized Elite Toa that work for the Cycones.These Warriors are the last known being to save what is left of the BIONICLE universe. The believe if they lose Corraka, they lost. They formed the group of Heroes when time in Karda Nui was getting shorter. So the Marixa fought to the point where Makuta had awakened. They found out before anyone else. They hid the rest of the Bionicles in a secret area where only a good spirit could enter. The New Makuta do not realize such yet, but they are learning more day passing day.


  • Corraka Spartan 2 (leader)
  • Extselleon (new)
  • Ner-Reki
  • Karthra

Toa Team[]

  • Tourk
  • Ounato
  • Cyrissa
  • Strakkco (new)
  • Kongu
  • Phoutuos (new)


  • Kerrarol
  • Raptora