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Order of Mata Nui member, Republic of Hope deputy
Twin Gunblades

Malnok is a Toa of Dimensions.


Malnok was once a matoran on Metru Nui. He was a chronicler and one day, while adventuring, found a toa stone. When he touched it, he became a toa. He was grabbed by something and ended up on Destral. He became the leader of Makuta Zeron's Toa Hagah team. At one point, Necrosis, toa of illusions commited a murder and was banished with Malnok sending him to another dimension. Necrosis swore revenge that day.

When the BOM turned evil, Zeron attacked Malnok and his team. Zeron managed to slaughter the two other members, Alaki, toa of fire, and wakea, toa of water. Then, Zeron knocked Malnok out cold and dragged him into his fortress.

When Malnok awoke, he was strapped to a table with several virus vats above him. Zeron pressed a button and the viruses poured over the toa. Surprisingly, the virus dissolved on his body and granted Malnok all 42 kraata powers. He knocked out Zeron and fled to Daxia where he became a member of the OOMN.

Malnok managed to defeat Makuta Zeron in the Swamp of Secrets and eventually helped Nitrox found the Republic of Hope. When searching through a cave, Malnok discovered a Vahi, but was hit by Zeron who took the mask. Malnok and the other Republic members battled the forces of the Federation of Darkness, defeating the group. Malnok was eventually sucked into a worm hole along with Nitrox, Magmarlack, Aquosa, Zeron, Grekkolak and Grayzak. They are currently in the Vice-Verse.

Abilities and traits[]

Malnok has the ability to control dimensions. He can take an object or attack and teleport it somewhere else. He can also create alternate dimensions. His main way to attack is taking in dimensional energy into his spear and focus the energy through it. After Zeron poured the virus on him, Malnok is capable of using 41 kraata powers (he cannot shapeshift). The virus also gave him many other abilities. He can fire ice beams from his eyes, create protective force-fields around himself and others, teleportation, limited invunrubility, and he can take the life force from other beings and add it to his own, making him live longer and make his own strength quadruple. Malnok is brave and daring will do anything to defend a fellow toa or matoran.

Masks and tools[]

Malnok's tool is a spear which can focus dimensional energy waves. When this weapon was destroyed, he found a pair of Twin Katanas and modifyed them by adding guns to them. His mask is the Kanohi Motki, Great Mask of Transformation. It allows the user to transform into anyone or anything they wish.


Strength: 19
Agility: 20
Toughness: 18
Mind: 20


  • Malnok is Nitrox321's self MOC.
  • Malnok was originally inspired by Kylernuva's Kylord and Toamagmare28 (Jetfire28's) Takuru.
  • Malnok will be the main character in my story, The Legend of Malnok.