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Makuta of Ryta
Makuta is Evil
Assigned Region Ryta Magna (Formerly)
Mask Great Kraahkan
Tools Protosteel Axe
Status Alive
Pronunciation N/A

The Makuta of Ryta is an extremely powerful Makuta and creator of the Kuat.


Her original name and Makuta region is unknown.

Brotherhood of Makuta[]

Dissatisfied with her role within the Brotherhood, the Makuta of Ryta created a teleportation device and found herself on the world of Ryta Magna. For a while she disguised herself as a local in order to learn about the world, and then set about drawing up plans to conquer it.

Creator of the Kuat[]

One of her first actions was to create the Kuat, a bloodthirsty species who would act as her army.


After the defeat of the Kuat, the Makuta was forced to flee Ryta Magna. Once again, she used her teleportation device, and came to Spherus Magna. She discovered that the Matoran Universe was within Mata Nui, a giant robot, which had recently been used to reform the planet. Matoran and Agori were now learning to live in harmony.

Abilities and Traits[]

As a Makuta, she has access to all forty-two Rahkshi powers, in addition to greater control over Shadow, the ability to create a Shadow Hand, and to create Kraata from her own essence.

The Makuta of Ryta was a genius even by the high standard of her species. The fact she created complex mutative viruses from the limited and unfamiliar resources on Ryta Magna - viruses later used in the creation of the Kuat - showed incredible determination and talent. Oddly, she considered herself less of a scientist, and more a hobbyist; with the immense power she possessed, she did not need an army to conquer Ryta Magna, creating the Kuat as a means to fill her time and make her conquest more entertaining.

Mask and Tools[]

Makuta of Ryta 2

The Makuta with her Protosteel Axe

The Makuta of Ryta wears a Kanohi Kraahkan, the Mask of Shadows, and carries a giant axe made from thick Protosteel.


  • The Makuta of Ryta was created by Ihu for Ansem the Awesome as part of the Ryta project.