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Makuta of Ko-Metru


The Makuta of Ko-Metru is a lonely Makuta from Metru Nui.

Early Life[]

He was a killer machine from Ko-Metru. All Toa and Matoran who came to his base were killed by him. He later got information from Antroz that Teridax had overthrowned Miserix. He quickly made a decision to join him and continue to kill Toa and Matoran.


Same day as Tazzuk got mutated the Makuta of Ko-Metru got mutated as well when a Toa of Ice threw Energized Antidermis on his face. This made him feel sorry for himself and didn't killed anyone that day. Next day Tazzuk came to his base and gave him the Crown of Ice. This made him completly stronger than a Toa of Ice.

Great Cataclysm[]

He knew what would happen when Mata Nui went to sleep so he made a big snowstorm on both Ko-Metru and Égh because he didn't wanna be a King of Ice without any snow. When it came the Makuta of Ko-Metru hurried to his base to not get killed by the big eartquakes. His base was later a home for Visorak.

Teridax's Reign[]

He was in the Coliseum and saw the stars turning into a symbol of the Kraahkan and heard Teridax's message. He got worried about this since Tazzuk told him the end of The Plan and sided with the Matoran to hide in the Archives.

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In Bara Magna, Helryx finds him and cuts off half of is mask. After that he was called Blood-Ice.

Magical Journey[]

In Krataka's dream he is siding with Tazzuk, leading the Dark Hunters.


  • He and his personality is inspired on KylerNuva's MOC Tazzuk.
  • He had two nicknames. These were "King of Ice" and "Toa Killer".
  • His name is not decided yet. The creator is currently coming up with a name.
  • He will appear in a story about him called King of Ice.
  • The Makuta of Ko-Metru is NOT inspired on Light Tazzuk since he was created before Light Tazzuk was.