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Makuta's War
Date Set
100,000,000,000 AGC

BIONICLE: Makuta's War is a story by Minifig625 set in 100,000,000,000 AGC.



On a mysterious island in Bara Magna, in 1,001 AGC...

"Yes!" he cackled. His greatest creation rose from where it stood. It looked like an ordinary Bohrok Lehvak, but it wasn't.

"I'm starved. Gotta any soda?" it asked impolitely. Then it belched. "Y'know, I've never really talked before, butyknowhowyoufelwhenyoutalkyeahyknowwhatimeancauseitfeelssogreattohavefreedomofspeechandyoufeelsoaliveandyulikealwayyburpandyoudostufflike..." he said quickly, and continued, and talked, and talked, and talked.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP, ROXOR?" the other being screamed.






Then the door burst open. It was Makuta Teridax.

"Let me guess. Roxor can't stop talking?"


"Doesn't matter. He can still be a mercenary for me."


"No buts. He'll be my merc with a mouth."

"Really? Ialwayswantedtobeamercenarywelllnotreallyuntilnowwhenistartedtotalkoutofmy... idunnowhereitalkfrombutspeakingoftalkingdidyouthatif..."

Chapter 1[]

100,000,000,000 AGC...

Gresh ran and ran and ran. He couldn't even think about what was behind him. His mind was numb with terror as he dashed through what little of the jungle remained.

He suddenly came to a stop. What he saw in front of him was a barren wasteland, scorched, and fires were everywhere. Dead bodies lay on the ground, and vulture-like Rahi flew in circles above. Then he heard stomping behind him. He turned and saw Makuta Teridax and about 300,000 Skrall.

"You have something of mine," said Makuta. "Give it back."

Gresh hurled a Thornax ball at Teridax and began to run again. As he did, he pressed the button on the machine he was carrying. As Teridax watched, Gresh glowed bright green until there was an explosion. Green sonic waves rippled through the air, deafening hundreds of Skrall. Rahi vultures rained from the sky, burnt to crisps. Then, Gresh was gone.

"He will be back," Teridax said. "Prepare your defenses, Skrall."

100,000,000,000 years earlier, shortly after the Rising...

"Are they still after us?" asked Sarda, whispering.

"No," said Hydraxon, also whispering. "I don't think so."

All of a sudden, the cave lit up light green, until it was so bright it looked the same even if you closed your eyes. Then, a green figure appeared, and collapsed onto the floor.

"Should I...?" whispered Sarda.

"Yes," replied Hydraxon.

Sarda took a breathing machine that enables someone to breathe underwater and stuck it on the green figure. Then, the figure woke up.

"W-w... Where... a-am... I...?" he asked.

"You are safe," replied Sarda. "Well... sort of."

The green figure began to pass out. As he did, he muttered "Ma... ku... ta... War.. Skrall... Time... machine... Must stop th-the... war... the destruc...

Then he fell unconscious.

"What did that mean?" asked Sarda.

"I'm afraid to know," replied Hydraxon.

Then, a loud stomping sound started. A dark figure came into the cave. His red eyes glowed, and he stood there staring at them with great hatred. He came out of the shadows and was revealed to be.....


Chapter 2[]

" Vezon, Shmezon. All I wanna know is... WHAT THE Karzahni IS GOING ON?"

"What in blazes are YOU doing here?" asked Hydraxon.

Vezon smiled a wicked smile and replied "I am not from this time. The person that has just appeared is Gresh. He has stolen a time machine from Makuta Teridax. Give it to me and I will kill the Rahkshi chasing you.


"So be it. Good luck with the Rahkshi."

Then he disappeared, and the shadowy forms of mutated Rahkshi entered the cave.

Roxor was let outside. He looked around the new world he was in, and said, "wow... ineverthoughtanythingwouldbesobesobeautifullikethisomgthisissooooocool..."


An explosion rocked the whole village. Sorddu went flying across the ground. When he looked up, he saw his whole village in flames. The destruction of Bionwikia Nui had bgun!

At the same time, Toa Omatau was in the buildings. When the explosion happened, his body was burnt to a crisp. But for some strange reason he still lived. Looking around, he saw the fires and broken buildings. He tried to move but discovered his arms and legs weren't there. He was doomed and he knew it. Or at least, he thought he knew it. His body began to glow, and arms and legs grew once more. His armor turned brown and green, and his mask began to change shape. He rose, and discovered he held a blade that looked like the Grim Reaper's.

Meanwhile, Lesovikk was wandering the canyon he was trapped in. Hydraxon had thrown him down there, and when he regained consciousness he was attacked by mutant Rahkshi. He defeated them, but they banged him up pretty badly. He was too weak to swim out. He also discovered his vehicle had been trashed by the Rahkshi.

Back at the future, 100,000,000,000 years later...

Vezon appeared back at Makuta's castle.

"They refuse to hand over the machine," he said.

"Then we will take it by force," said Makuta. "Send the army of Skrall. Make sure they have underwater breathing equipment."

Shortly after, Vezon transported the Skrall army to the future.

"Why not just use me as your time machine?" he asked later.

Makuta looked at him slyly and said, "you are just a prototype. I'm building a machine that can transport ALL MY ARMIES TO THE PAST TO CONQUER!"

Chapter 3[]

"Come together... for the war!"

Roxor was out enjoying the sun, getting a tan, and most of all, enjoying it. But imagine how he felt when a shadow cast over him. He opened his eye to see what was blocking his sun, and saw something VERY gruesome looking right at him.

"aaaaaaaaaa! omgamonster!" he screamed.

Then the scientist who created Roxor burst out of the door with Makuta Teridax to confront this strange "monster."

Meanwhile, back in BionWikia Nui...

Sorddu and his friends had done some stupid things in their lives. They had caused so much trouble in the city they probably earned criminal records. But there was no WAY they would blow up the city. At least, that was what Sorddu was trying to say as law-enforcement officers took him away to another city in BionWikia Nui to be locked up for destroying a city.

"I've scanned this 'monster's' memories and discovered it is a ROBOT," said the scientist-guy. "I've given it an extra component to allow it to think and speak."

"We're going to call it Havakk," said Makuta. "It's red and brown like two of those pesky Skakdi that stole my mask once."

"Sowhatamisupposedtodo?" asked Roxor.

"You're going to go recruit criminals for my arm," said Makuta. Little did he know, in the future, he wouldn't need an army. He'd have millions of Skrall on his side!

Hydraxon swiped a few away with his knives. His Cordak blaster took out a few, also. Sarda pulled the breathing devices off some Skrall. Most of them died. But some of them mutated...into huge black monsters that began eating their fellow Skrall!

"Not good!" screamed Hydraxon.

Then, the Rahkshi that had been blocked by the Skrall saw an opening and plunged into Hydraxon. As Hydraxon wrestled with those Rahkshi, Sarda tried to pry open the head of one, only to be shaken off and thrown out of the way.

Sorddu couldn't believe it. Arrested for a crime he didn't commit. Then he thought off his friends. What had happened to Arkko, Blicc, and Ractumus?

"You're thinking of us," said a voice.

"Huh?" panicked Sorddu.

Sorddu looked across the hall to the cell across from him. Inside were Arkko, Blicc, and Ractumus!

"How did you read my mind?" asked Sorddu.

"It seems everyone in the blast was mutated," said Blicc. "I can read minds."

"I can run really fast," said Arkko.

"And I can shoot shadow blasts," said Ractumus.

"His voice changed as well," said Blicc.

"What's your power?" asked Arkko.

"I...don't know..." replied Sorddu.

Just then two figures burst into the room. One was red and brown, and the other looked like a Nohrok Lehvak with long energy swords.

"We'reheretorecruitsomebadguys!" said the Bohrok.

Everyone looked confused. Blicc concentrated and then yelled to everyone, "He said they're there to recruit bad guys!"

Then the door burst open again and this time it was a brown and green guy with a mask that looked like a hood. In he "hood," only the person's eyes could be seen. He rose his huge blade and said coldly, "I CANNOT ALLOW YOU DO THAT."

He then unleashed energy from his blade, and the whole room lit up.

All the Skrall were either defeated or eaten, and the Rahkshi all had had their Kraata removed. Hydraxon had tricked the Skrall monsters into getting trapped in a cave, and everything seemed fine. Finally, the green pointy being began to wake up.

"H-have to... s-ttopp... Makuta from.... start-i-ing... waaaarrrr..." he muttered.

"What is he talking about?" asked Sarda.

"I think we may find out soon..." replied Hydraxon.

Sarda turned around to see what Hydraxon was looking at. Sarda gasped with horror as the ocean level began to drain. Air was getting closer, and closer. Then, they made out some dark shapes up above.

"More Skrall," said Hydraxon.

Chapter 4[]

Roxor raised his energy swords and charged them as this "Grim Reaper"-looking guy said he couldn't allow them to free all of the criminals in the BionWikia prison. He fired a blast at full power, point-blank range.

It harmlessly bounced off the guy's body armor.

"Aw....fercryinoutloud!" screamed Roxor.

Havakk was hit by a blast from the Grim Reaper's blade. He lay in sleep mode, his circuits on the fritz. Sorddu watched the battle, and so did Arkko, Blicc, and Ractumus.

"Whoa... that is so awesome!" said Ractumus.

Soon, Roxor was hit badly and he fell to the ground.

Makuta was fiddling with a newly produced time machine. It wouldn't send the right things to the right times. He was trying to fix it himself, since all his scientists were useless. As he pressed many buttons at once, the machine began to glow. It glowed brighter and brighter until it was blinding. Then, Makuta opened his eyes, and saw he was no longer with the time machine. He was in a huge battlezone, with forts and ammo crates! The place was abandoned, but prepped for battle! The machine was doing something strange all right. Then, suddenly, the time machine itself appeared, along with some gizmos and pieces of furniture! The machine was randomly warping things to one destination!

Sorddu looked in shock as the whole hallway glowed brighter than the glow of the Grim Reaper's blade! The light became blinding, and when it was over, everyone in the room and some of the stuff were in a battlezone, with forts and crates of ammo for guns, all prepped for war!

One minute Hydraxon, Sarda, and their green friend were in the ocean, surrounded by Skall, the next, a blinding light erupted and they appeared on a battlefield, air filling their lungs! They weren't dying! Soon Lesovvik, the Krall, and some mutant Rahkshii appeared, too.

Gresh woke up in a bed. He was warm and comfortable. And he didn't know why. He was just under the sea, battered and maimed from an attack from Makuta and his army of Skrall...and now...this?

He got up and looked out of the room's window. He saw he was in a huge fort, and some beings were loading up weapons down below. He could see in the distance was another fort, only it was black and there were dark clouds over it.

"Makuta," he muttered as he realized this whole thing was Teridax's doing.

Whether he liked it or not, the war he was trying to prevent was starting all over again!

Chapter 5[]

Continued from Hydraxon: Justice That Kills and Makuta's War: First Battle...

As the war raged on, many things happened. Srada got a hold of a Toa stone and became a Toa. Roxor, Havakk, and all of the Matoran from BionWikia Nui changed sides from Makuta's side to the good side. Hydraxon was teleported back to his time. The war was going to be a conflict between all of the greatest heroes of history and some of the vilest creatures.

In the midst of the first battle, a Toa warrior named Kookayopi found a portal to a different dimension on the battlefield. He jumped in only to end up back in his time! The portal back to the war was still there, but no one seemed to notice it except him. He was treated as if he had never gone missing, but he had, and for days! Finally, he felt creeped out and returned to the war.

Meanwhile, Hydraxon was still searching for the Staff of Light in the black, deep waters near the pit. He almost had an idea of its location... but he couldn't be sure. When he came to the cave where he thought it would be, he found something horrifying! A mysterious red and black figure was standing over the body of some mutated Matoran, or Toa; it looked like a mixure due to its height. The being was dead, and the figure noticed Hydraxon.

"This being got there first," the figure said.

To be continued in Hydraxon: Justice That Kills...