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Makinax is the leader of The Brotherhood Of Makinax and former member of The Brotherhood Of Makuta.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about Makinax's history. It is known that he, along with Makuta Vengax, were tasked with finding a cure for the antidermis effect. Although he and Vengax were succsesful, the effect it had when injected were, as you may say, explosive. It caused most of Makinaxs makuta powers to dissapear, and also caused half of Vengaxs face to be blown off. That's when Teridax called the Nynrah Ghosts to add, more layers of armor. He then left, turning his worthless island into an Assasins Buisness, even getting hired by Toa Helryx once to take out "A Tall skinny winged figure" ,using his shapeshifting powers two kill him as "The Shadowed One", and erasing "TSO"'s memory of the whole thing.

He encountered Avriex when he was a toa, along with Helryx, when they were trying to find the Brottherhoods Olmak. He and Mutran eventually beat them, but Helryx found the Olmak and left, getting backup. She then arrived again, freed Avriex, but lost the Olmak. They left, and Makinax immideitly wanted vengance.

At War With The Order[]

When the Brotherhood went to Metru Nui, they succeded in breaching the borders. Makinax knew Avriex would be here somewhere, so went to find him. He did, and followed him to Bara Magna, where he cut Avriex's left arm off.

The Brootherhood of Makinax[]

Makinax immidietly wanted to conquer Bara Magna, so he could build an empire with the technology he possesed. He recruited members, made a base on Traduk, and formed an allience with the Saracax.

Abilities And Traits[]

Makinax is a ruthless warrior who will do anything to get what he wants. His only "Friend" is Vengax.

Makinax poseses a Kanohi Kalznaak, Great Mask Of Ligtning, Which gives him complete control of lightning. He is a wielder of a greatly crafted sword, and a Glatorian Universe Ghost Blaster.