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Maka Nui
Island # 1 As big as the lower half of Metru Nui Island # 2 As big as Voya Nui Island # 3 As big as what was left of Karda Nui
Barely Active
MAH ka Nui


Maka Nui was once a magnificent island even better than the island of Mata Nui when the Matoran lived on it. The island used to be the most advanced island before it broke into three. The island so was so big that if you went to Le-Mak on foot you would get lost.It used to have six Toa, two Turaga, many Makuta, and many Matoran. The six Toa later became Turaga. Somehow by unknown reasons It split into three differant islands killing everyone on it. Many Makuta came and found out its hidden power when a Makuta gathers energy they become supercharged, this power is only on one of the three islands. On another one of the islands is armor for Toa and Matoran. No one visits this island because no one knows where it is. It's said that this island is just a myth.