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Magog is a Toa who was strange Toa because he was a brother to Makuta Zaktuen


Before Zaktuen[]

Before Magog was a Toa, Zaktuen was a Toa who betrayed all the Toa and Mata Nui, so the Toa chose Magog to become a toa to stop the new threat.


Zaktuen kinaped magog to get information out of him involing his plans to take over with his Master. But Magog escaped with help of Toa Gali. Zaktuen a ravaging beast after him and Gali. The beast injured him and took Gali captive, but because of that he met his best friend Toa Ignika. Looking for Gali they did know that Zaktuen had killed her, scaring Magog for life.