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Magna Warlance
Magna Warlance
Status In use
User(s) Alxor
Functionality Creating dimensional portals, firing energy blasts and ability-rendering Rhotuka

The Magna Warlance is a staff of power currently in the possession of the former Xevthian High-King Alxor.


The early history and purpose of the Magna Warlance is sketchy, though it is known that it was originally created by an unknown craftsmen alongside a similar weapon known as the Staff of Nui. What became of the warlance after its initial creation is unknown, though it eventually ended up in the ownership of a Xevthian named Alxor, who would later become the High-King of the Xevthian Empire. He would utilized the lance as one of his many symbols of status and power.

After Alxor was defeated by the Mersion Mersery, the warlance was confiscated by the Hand of Artakha. It was later placed in a vault within the Pit when the Hand's successor, the Order of Mata Nui, transported the former High-King to the new prison facility. The Magna Warlance remained within the Pit until the prison caved in one thousand years ago, when Alxor, freed from his cell, recovered it. He continues to use the lance as his main weapon to this day, despite the fact that the mutagenic waters of his new enviornment supress its abilities.


Xevthian Symbol

The Magna Warlance, as depicted on a Xevthian Empire banner.

Like the Nui Staff, the Magna Warlance generates great power, which can be focused in a number of different ways; the lance can unleash lightning-like bolts of energy from its blade in order to strike opponents from a distance, and can also open dimensional gateways in a manner similar to a Kanohi Olmak, allowing its wielder to travel to different places or universes. One weakness the staff possesses, however, is a vulnerability to the Pit Mutagen, which interferes with its ability to open dimensional portals, rendering this function useless as long as it is submerged within the waters of Aqua Magna.

The warlance is also equiped with a Rhotuka Launcher that manifests Alxor's Rhotuka Spinners, which neutralizes an opponent's natural abilities, as well as those of their Kanohi and weapons. It can also serve as an effective melee weapon.

Example Usage[]

  • In Society of Guardians, Alxor used his lance's Rhotuka Lancher to arrest the powers of Mersery and Toa Tazahk.
  • In another episode of Society of Guardians Alxor also used the staff's power to unleash energy bolts to force Mersery and Tazahk to cooperate.


  • The Xevthian Empire used the image of Alxor's Magna Warlance as the symbol of their regime.