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Mutated Rekridor
Wrist blades (former)

"Mach" is a mutated Rekridor, formerly a Warlord on Stelt. He currently is a member of the Infernal Legion.


Early life[]

"Mach" was once a high-ranking Rekridor on Stelt. He was created by Mata Nui to be part of the race that facilitates the inhabitants of the Great Spirit Robot. He was a high-ranking official, having a large group of Jeokren and others following his leadership. "Mach" was a cruel leader, killing any of his followers who were disloyal to him.

In the interest of gaining more power, he sought powerful Kanohi, setting his sights on the mask makers on Xia. "Mach" took most of his followers and launched an attack on the island, quickly being overwhelmed by the more intelligent Vortixx. To prevent further inconvenienced, the leaders of Xia gave a virus to his followers that drove them insane. The virus spread to "Mach", mutating him. He lost control of his followers and fled both Xia and Stelt.

Since then, "Mach" has roamed the Southern Islands, becoming more like a Rahi than anything else. He had long forgotten his original name, being dubbed "Mach" by those who survived his attacks, based on the hissing sounds he made.

Infernal Legion[]

"Mach" stayed out of the Great Cataclysm War, and eventually resided in the Lost Continents. He joined the Infernal Legion, and is slowly regaining some control over his actions. Despite the judgement of the other members, "Mach" was considered a valuable asset by Abaddon.

He joined Crescent, "Shadowplayer" and Antroz when they attacked Kehidupan. He fought with Jovan and Nadati, losing two of his blades during the battle.

Personality and traits[]

"Mach" was once a cruel leader, punishing disloyalty with execution. He had a bleak view of the world; someone was either serving him or an enemy. He had an incredible thrist for more power, which lead to his downfall.

Since losing control of his mind, "Mach" has become more primal, grunting instead of talking, eating decaying flora and fauna instead of absorbing energy. He still understands speech and is capable of speaking. After joining the Infernal Legion, "Mach" has become more passive, his personality slowly returning.

Powers and equipment[]

Due to his mutation, "Mach" gained powers uncommon for Rekridor. He is immune to Psionics, Sonics, and Gravity manipulation, and has a great capacity to pain. His agility and strength were amplified, but his vision has narrowed.

"Mach" carries three lightweight blades, two strapped to his wrists and one to his back. He uses these blades as throwing projectiles and close-range melee weapons, switching between the two mid-battle.