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"An island... is under slavery... but not some ordinary slavery... it... it... it is very painful to... to see. But they will be freed... cause that is the will of Mata Nui... and the Great Beings..."
―An unknown seer having a vision
Primary Residents Tohunga
Location Far from any other lands
Status Under slavery
Locations Ta-Koro, Le-Koro, Ga-Koro, Onu-Koro, Po-Koro, Ko-Koro, Ursla Volcano

Mabauto is an island spoken of in legends and myths, although it's a real island. It has been mentioned in a few prophecies and it is mentioned in the Henkka's Tasks. A few seers have got a vision of the island.



Mabauto before the Great Disaster

Long ago, Mabauto was a gigantic island. During a great disaster, however, almost half of the island broke off it, and drifted away.

There have always been Tohunga living on the island. During the disaster, more than 60% of them died and those who survived, were divided in two. The others were left on the drifting part of the island and the others were on the original continent. Those on the original continent startes their lives all over again.

A shadow soon came on the island, however. An evil being who just calls himself The Makuta, took over the island with his Fohrok and Rahkshi. He divided the Tohunga basing on their colours and built six villages across the island, which he named according to the villages that were on the island of Mata Nui.

The Tohunga then began working in fear, guarded by the Rahkshi and the Fohrok.

Many centuries later Henkka, followed by the Holy Toa arrived on the island and began a quest to free it from slavery. They freed one village at a time and struggled against the Rahkshi and the Fohrok. In the end, Henkka defeated The Makuta. Henkka and the Holy Toa then left Mabauto, leaving the Tohunga there to live happy lives.

The Rising hardly affected Mabauto at all since it was so far away from the scene. However, now that Teridax has began walking as the Matoran Universe, Mabauto might get in danger.

Landscape and General Information[]

Mabauto has been described to be a quite big island, somewhere on the Planet Surface. It has different regions, afficiliated with different elements.


  • Mabauto is one of the Four Great Lands, along with Bio-Land since they began as the same. This means that if the Four Great Lands would've been destroyed, so would've Mabauto.
  • Mabauto was called Mabauto before the Great Disaster.
  • Aino doesn't know about Mabauto and therefore there's a chance that the Tohunga of Mabauto wont be a part of the Great Migration.

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