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Luzmoro are beings with the power to transform into half-beast, half-warrior creatures.

Shapeshifting, strength, speed
Teeth, claws, weapons


Just how the Luzmoro were created remains a mystery. What is known is that the first account of a Luzmoro occured long before the Core War. Since then, they have become a legend in Agori mythology.

A year before Mata Nui arrived to Bara Magna, Ice Tribe Glatorian Akitaro was ambushed by a Luzmoro and was transformed into a Luzmoro as well.

Abilities and Traits[]

Luzmoro can transform into wolf-like humanoids at will. However, this ability is uncontrollable in two different conditions: when exposed to moonlight, which enhances their physical power; or when provoked. Although shapeshifting is a quick process, it is claimed to be slightly painful, as it takes a toll on the internal structures of the Luzmoro. The Luzmoro's armor changes along with their organic tissue.

In addition to their shapeshifting abilities, Luzmoro have enhanced strength, speed, and healing abilities.

Turning into a Luzmoro[]

To become a Luzmoro, another Luzmoro must scratch, bite, or maul a victim. This allows the Luzmoro virus to infect the victim, unless it is treated within 24 hours. If not, the Luzmoro poison will fuse with the victim's DNA. This will make them a half-Luzmoro.

To become a full-Luzmoro, the victim must spill living blood from a being they injure or kill. Making them full-Luzmoro. The Luzmoro gene will pass on to the victim's offspring, making them half-Luzmoro as well.

Only a few species are capable of becoming a Luzmoro. Such species include Toa, Glatorian, Skrall, Skakdi, and Bone Hunters. All others will not be infected by the virus, as it cannot pass into their system.


  • Though considered a myth by Agori on Spherus Magna, they were later proven real.
  • More Luzmoro were common on Spherus Magna than in the Matoran Universe.