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Lunas Magna

Location Category: Moon

Art Planet
Location Information
Residents Lunarians, Prisoners
Population More than 1,000,000 Lunarians, More than 1,000 Prisoners
Position Orbiting Primordius Magna
Pronunciation Loon-us Magg-nah

Lunas Magna is a moon orbiting the planet Primordius Magna. Lunas Magna was originally used as a prison for inhabitants from Primordius Magna, whom were too dangerous towards society, similar to role of The Pit within the Matoran Universe. There is also a race a sapient beings, known as the Lunarians, whom inhabit the moon and act as prison guards for the Lunas Magna Prison Camps. Numerous wild rahi are also known to inhabit the sattelite.

Lunas Magna Revolution[]

Around 0 BKT, Toa Gunner led an army of 500 escaped prisoners, known as the Federation of Fugitives, as an attempt to overthrow the Lunarians' control over the moon. During a large battle, the Federation attempted to capture the Lunarian capital, Thalax. The citadel was destroyed however, and the capital was briefly captured. Ever since those battles, prisoners roam freely around on the moon's surface, but are unable to get back to Primordius Magna. The Lunarians have not been able to reconstruct the citadel at Thalax, and therefore, no longer have a central capital.

Notable Prisoners[]

  • Silmaru
  • Garonuk (formally)
  • Rhanskul (formally)
  • Murdak

Several of the Titan Lords (most, if not all deceased)