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Infernal Legion Servant
Elemental Plantlife powers
Energy Gun, blade

Lumenious was a Skakdi warlord on Zakaz, now servant of the Infernal Legion.


Early life[]

Lumenious was created by Mata Nui over 1000 years ago. As a Skakdi, he consumed waste material and any flora or fauna that was no longer considered useful to the Great Spirit Robot. Most of the other inhabitants of the Matoran Universe viewed the Skakdi as disgusting and repulsive, creating a mutual dislike.

He was one of the four Skakdi to form clans on the island of Zakaz. Lumenious was not the most powerful of the Skakdi warlords, but commanded the largest army on the island. He and the other warlords fought for territory, with Lumenious eventually winning the southern portion of the island.

Abaddon visited Zakaz in secret and granted each of the Skakdi warlords elemental powers through experimentation. Lumenious gained the elemental power of Plantlife. In exchange for the new powers, the warlords surrendered an army to the titan. The Skakdi warlords fought among themselves to determine who would forsake their army. The warlords quickly overpowered Kormak, and his army was given to Abaddon.

Great Cataclysm War[]

In the events leading up to the Great Cataclysm War, including Abaddon's own attempt at takeover, Lumenious and the other two Skakdi warlords kept to themselves.

During the Great Cataclysm War, Idrih left Zakaz and wasn't heard from again. Lumenious lost the battle against Javyz for the army he left behind.

Enslavement by the Infernal Legion[]

Sometime after the Great Cataclysm War, the Skakdi warlords were approached by members of the Infernal Legion. Still bitter from his losses, Lumenious agreed to side with the Infernal Legion if they were able to defeat Javyz. The Infernal Legion easily defeated the warlord and most of their army.

Lumenious prepared a speech to proclaim that he was the strongest Skakdi alive, but he was beaten by Antroz, who declared that he was a servant and the army now served him directly.

Lumenious eventually moved into the abandoned base of the Order of Mata Nui on Daxia in the Lost Continents, sour that he was no longer in control of his army. He encountered Kisa and her assault team here, leaving before Antroz was defeated.

Personality and traits[]

Lumenious is very self-obsessed, once viewing himself as a supreme warlord. He seeks revenge on all those who wronged him, now focussed on defeating all of the Infernal Legion, holding a grudge against the Makuta Antroz most of all. Lumenious believes that he earned the right to rule all of the Skakdi, as the only warlord left.

He isn't bothered by the Matoran considering him disgusting. Lumenious threatens to eat any Matoran he encounters, though seldom interacts with anything other than decaying vines and twigs.

Powers and equipment[]

Lumenious has control over Elemental Plantlife powers, though he isn't very skilled. When he doesn't move for a long time, vines and branches grow slowly from his body. Lumenious can eat these vines for sustenance. He does not have the patience to master his skill at using his Elemental powers, though he can create vines at will to bind his opponents in some capacity.

He carries an Energy gun and a blade, both obtained after he moved into the Order of Mata Nui's base in Daxia. Lumenious isn't very skilled at combat among Skakdi, though he is stronger than most Toa. He used trickery and cheap shots when he fought the other Skakdi warlords, acting injured and weak so he could impale them in the back.