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Lost Pieces


The Black Spike Mountains of the rejoined Spherus Magna remained extremely quiet. The darkness of night settled against the unmoving landscape. A thick, ghostly fog hung low to the ground, shrouding the scene in an eerie mystery. Not a single noise was heard, and not a soul stood against the strange scene. Everything was unmoving, lifeless.

Out of nowhere, a small ray of light began to glow. The beam came from the ground, deep within the treacherous heart of the mountains. The light slowly grew brighter and brighter, until finally it was a blinding beam of golden rays. It shimmered and fluttered, though nothing around it could've distorted its view. The beam was rapidly fluctuating, showing no signs of stopping. Brilliant flashes of shocking white light shot in aimless directions.

Suddenly, a strange object emerged from the rocky ground where the light was coming through just a moment before. The object appeared to be a shard of metal, its jagged surface coated with dirt and rust. The metal began to spin clockwise, gaining speed with each rotation. Extreme light was billowing off of the piece of metal, appearing as if it was being flung and tossed every which way.

The light on the metal became so bright that it sliced through the heavy darkness surrounding it. Everything flashed, so bright that anything looking at it would've been instantly blinded. The flash only lasted for a second or two, however. The light began dimming, and the metal piece lowered slowly back to the ground. Finally, the light disappeared, and on the surface of the metal was something that was not present before. A strange symbol was engraved onto the front. The strange rune was in the shape of a circle with a pattern of dots on the inside, though it was very unclear what it could've meant.

The metal made contact with the surface. It tore through the dirt and buried itself under a handful of large rocks, where it had previously been before.

The night became lifeless once again.