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Dark Hunter Thief

Lizard is a female Noctian and a Dark Hunter.


When she was young, Lizard (then known as Behmah) was quite adventurous and almost immediately explored all of Noctia, the Noctian homeland. But, to her, that was not enough. She had to see the whole universe. However, she made the mistake of discovering Odina and was almost killed except for the fact that Leviathos spoke out against it and said they should let her join.

For that, she was very thankful, but never was able to tell him, because he left for Metru Nui and was banished to the Pit (read Leviathos for more info). She had a hard time with killing beings, so the Shadowed One used her for theft and reconnaissance. She was sent to assassinate the Piraka, but ended up captured. She was freed by a blast of water, likely from Leviathos. The Shadowed One, disappointed with her work, had her sent to Gekkak-Nui just to wait.

She is now on the planet Noctxia Magna because of the Unidentified Great Being. She still had a com device and has been reporting to the Shadowed One constantly.

Broken Order Universe[]

In the Broken Order Universe, Leviathos and Behmah actually were good friends on Noctia until an unconscious Makuta drifted ashore. The Noctians cared for her and nurtured her back to health, but when the Makuta awoke, she killed several Noctians before leaving the island.

As it happened, Behmah was one of those killed by the Makuta. After her death, the bitter Leviathos took on a life as a warrior. Leviathos would later give posthumous credit to Behmah for his later successes, such as his conquest of Noctia and the Noctians and his appointment by Sheriem as Barraki-general over the Noctians in the Secret Empire.

Personality and Traits[]

Before her joining of the Dark Hunters, Lizard was very adventurous. She wished to explore everything.


  • The name Behmah is based on the word 'Behemoth' which is often associated with the word 'Leviathon' which Gonel assumes Leviathos is based on.